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Is Traveling Alone a Good Idea?

No one can resist the urge to see the beauty of new places around the world. Seeing new places with your very naked eyes, feel the air touch your skin, interact with new people, learning different lifestyle and cultures, and getting new experiences, are only few of numerous things people craving for nowadays.

However, to get such things above, then travel would not be that easy. Dealing with new languages, characters, and customs in certain places could be quiet stressing. That’s why most people like to travel with partners to help each other.

Not having a partner is the most common reason why some people never go traveling. Whereas, they just could go alone. If you think it is too risky for your life, well think again. There are millions of solo travelers are traveling all over the world.

So, why traveling alone is good for you instead of being with group? Here are some things for your consideration.

First, since you are not engaged with other than you have your ultimate freedom on your own. You can be as flexible as you want. From deciding the time, you can go whenever you have time and do not to find out when is the best time that fits into all your travel partners’ schedule.

You can make your agenda based on what you would like to do. And you do not have to compromise with someone who says, “I want to see the A first”. And the other one is saying “but if we go to see A then I will miss the chance to see the B I really wanted”, without even asking what you want to see.

You can change your agenda or accommodation even in last-minute without having to worry about ruining other people’s plans.

Those freedoms will lead you to second benefit, which can save you a lot on a flight, train, or other tickets. You also do not have to choose fancy hotel and proper dining for the sake of a whole group.

Third benefit is you build and gain more confidence. This is why solo traveling is really recommended for the shy people. Pushing yourself to initiate conversation with new people by asking the direction or recommendation is great way to start eliminating the shyness. If you make mistake or fool yourself, you will never find them again so nothing to lose at all.

You will feel a sense of independence and being more comfortable with yourself from time to time. You will see that there is nothing wrong with you that you could even do bigger things than just what you have done.

Fourth, by traveling alone means you are investing in yourself. You can get away from the work routines for a while and give yourself “me time” to meditate, think, and enjoy your time to make yourself happy.

By the time you go home, you will find yourself understanding a little bit of new language which will add your skills if you continue to learn it.

What are you waiting for? Just pack what you need and book the tickets!

Hope this was helpful, if I missed anything or you like to add something please leave a comment.

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Is Traveling Alone a Good Idea?

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