Best Backpacking Tips and Tricks for You

Best Backpacking Tips and Tricks for You

Backpacking, which is close to the wild and nature is now having a wider definition. Some people who travel to the city and wander around, by just having minimum preparation are now also called as backpacker.

Back then backpacking is only for people who want to go into the wilderness with their curiosity. Sometimes putting their selves in danger, without having a place to stay, coffee shops or shops to buy food and drink, and far away from the civilizations. Those make them have to prepare everything but since accommodation is also quite rare, they have to fit all they need in a backpack.

backpacking tips

But now, since travelling is more common, backpacking is the light and short version of travelling. You do not sleep in fancy hotels or eat at expensive restaurants, you have to spend as little money as possible but still getting what you want to try or see.

So, what are the best backpacking tips and tricks you, the backpacker must know?

First, from packing matter, try to avoid bringing cotton and denim. Choose a shirt that made from lightweight material which is also water-resistant. Do not duplicate everything you bring unless some underwear and clothes. Dry all of your gear out before leaving. Pack them in the spot with sunlight to dry them faster.

Second, bring long enough dental floss not only for your mouth, but also for tying and stitching. Break your toothbrush into two, you don’t need the long grip. Instead of knife, just bring razor blade. Just leave your deodorant at home since it can also attract insects and other animals you do not want to meet.

Third, just go primitive. You do not need a laptop, kindles, DSLR camera, and others. Bringing a smart phone with PowerBank is enough. Use Lithium battery if affordable because it is more expensive but lasts longer. Your purpose is to travel, not to take pictures of everything.

Backpacking tips vaseline jelly
Backpacking tips vaseline jelly

Fourth, pack petroleum jelly like Vaseline which you can use for blisters on your heel or between your toes. Vaseline with duct tape also can be used to shield any sore if you have outside infection. And more than that, petroleum jelly is also a quite good fire starter. Fifth, you will need fire in the night so beside the Vaseline, you can use the cotton balls to light fire.

backpacking tips sleeping bag
Backpacking tips sleeping bag

Sixth, these are the most essential for your life but keep them ultra light. Sleeping bag if required, try to keep it 20 oz or less than that. Shelter or tent if required, try to keep it no more than 2 lbs for a solo one, or 1 lb for a tarp. And the last one is pack, no more than 30 oz for a 50 litres backpack. Do not forget to bring Ziploc baggies, light, and duct tape.

Beside best backpacking tips and tricks, you also need to be aware of the hazard or any dangers around you. Remember that there are people who are waiting for you to come back. Although you are a real thrill-seeker, you can still fulfill your desire without having to risk your life.

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