Not To Go To Vietnam

Reasons Not To Go To Vietnam

We all have heard of the great things about Vietnam from their awesome landscapes, amazing temples, adventures, amazing food, history, and a lot more. While Vietnam is a wonderful place to visit there are a number of reasons to not visit Vietnam. For example, we all hear about the amazing food in Vietnam but is […]

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drink tap water in Vietnam

Can You Drink Tap Water in Vietnam?

The question of whether can you drink tap water in Vietnam is a common question asked. Vietnam has made major improvements to there infrastructure over the last decade but the water pipeline infrastructure is lacking. It is NOT advised to drink tap water in Vietnam, their treatment plants put too much chlorine into the water […]

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Monkeys in Vietnam

Where To See Monkeys in Vietnam?

As we all know that Vietnam is popular because of its awesome temples, its wartime history, amazing food, and amazing scenery. Vietnam is also home to exotic animals like the orca, tigers, and of course the monkey. Monkeys are always popular with tourists in general because of their cheeky and playful attitude. If you want […]

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Elephants in Vietnam

Are There Elephants in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a country, people want to for the incredible scenery, temples, culture, beaches, and history. Also, there are exotic animals like tigers, monkeys, and of course, the elephants. These are only naming a few animals that call Vietnam home. Yes, Vietnam does have elephants. The elephant numbers have been dropping every year since records […]

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Best Nightlife in Vietnam

Which City Has Best Nightlife in Vietnam?

Visiting Vietnam is always an enjoyable experience from the awesome beaches, temples, history and much more. As well as visiting Vietnam, people also want to relax and enjoy the nightlife. In general, Vietnam is nothing like Thailand in terms of crazy nightlife but it still offers a great nightlife with lively clubs, pubs, and bars. […]

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how to get to Sapa From Hanoi Vietnam

How To Get To Sapa From Hanoi Vietnam

Sapa is a small town in the northwest of Vietnam and is home to amazing landscapes, green rice terraces and even the highest mountain in Vietnam. Sapa has become very accessible from Hanoi, with only around a 5 hour drive from Hanoi. Checkout our travel tips to Vietnam and our Vietnam travel guide before going. […]

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