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People visit Cambodia for multiple reasons such as to explore the Angkor Wat complex and to learn about Cambodia’s dark history of killing fields. Cambodia is home to exotic animals such as elephants, panthers, and bears, but where can you see monkeys in Cambodia?

You can see monkeys in Cambodia in three main areas which are Angkor Wat, Mondulkiri, and Phnom Penh. Overall there are not many places in Cambodia to see monkeys. In some of these places, you have the chance to see other animals like elephants, panthers, birds, bears, and even tigers.

In this post, we will go through where to see monkeys in Cambodia. Let’s get started!

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Where To See Monkeys In Cambodia?

There are not too many places in Cambodia to see monkeys, this will be excluding very remote areas of Cambodia. If you want to encounter at least one monkey in Cambodia but it really depends on where you plan to travel to Cambodia.

For those who want to see monkeys when they are in Cambodia, here are some of the best spots to see monkeys in Cambodia.

Siem Reap – Angkor Wat Complex

In Siem Reap particularly at Angkor Wat, you will find macaque monkeys. There are called the Angkor Wat monkeys. Once these temples were covered by a forest that was filled with wildlife such as monkeys, birds, and big cats.

Today the temples have been taken back from the forest and the forest is not filled with as much wildlife. A lot of people want to experience the sunrise at Angkor Wat even if it is crowded. You will definitely get to see the monkeys.

Angkor Wat monkeys

Phnom Penh

You can see monkeys in Phnom Penh if you go to Wat Phnom. There are a few families of monkeys that live in Wat Phnom. This is a nice temple with a nice small park that is great to walk around in.

As you explore Wat Phnom you have a good chance to encounter the monkeys. Some of the monkeys are used to people so won’t run away. Don’t feed the monkeys, they can sometimes bite.


Mondulkiri is a relatively remote province in Cambodia with a small population considering is the biggest province in Cambodia. Mondulkiri’s is where you are going to find most of the monkeys in Cambodia.

Mondulkiri is popular because it is home to the Elephant Valley Project. At the elephant, the project provides tours, walks, hikes, and the opportunity to learn about elephants.

Besides this Elephant Valley Project, you can do the gibbon tours where you can see 3 endangered monkey species. You will have the chance to see seven species of Gibbon, including the yellow-cheeked crested gibbon.

These tours are not cheap and can range in price from $50 to $100 per person.

Relaxing Monkey

What To Do If A Monkey Scratches You?

You do need to be careful when feeding monkeys. If you are unfortunately scratched or even bitten by a monkey, you need to then clean the area where the scratch or bite with clean water and soap.

For peace of mind, get medical assistance so that they can assess the scratch or bite and decide if treatment for rabies is required.

Do Monkeys in Cambodia Have Rabies?

Yes, monkeys in Cambodia do have rabies. If you get scratched or bitten by a monkey you should need medical assistance.

The doctor will decide if to give you a rabies injection. This is for peace if mind.

Monkey Facts Bali

How Many Injections Do You Need For A Monkey Bite?

If you are bitten or scratched by a monkey, you first need to clean the wound with soap and water. Then get medical assistance to ensure you don’t get any diseases and if there is a requirement for treatment for rabies.

A monkey bite or scratch can lead to a serious infection such as herpes B virus and rabies.

Tips For Surviving Monkeys In Cambodia

You are in traveling to Cambodia and want to see monkeys. It’s important to be wary when encountering monkeys. As some encounters could lead to theft or injury.

Here are some tips to survive interactions with monkeys.

  • Be careful of your stuff around monkeys. Monkeys have been known to take phones, jewelry, sunglasses, and even bags. Only bring things that are you need.
  • If you are scratched or even bitten by a monkey, get medical assistance to ensure you don’t get any diseases.
  • Don’t feed the monkeys.
  • Do not try to touch the monkeys. They are still wild animals after all and can be extremely fierce in no time.
  • Do not feed Monkeys by hand. They can be unpredictable and can be dangerous.

Wrapping Up

Finally, monkeys can not be so easily found in Cambodia except in Angkor Wat. If you want to visit Mondulkiri this will require some serious planning. You should be careful when around the monkeys as they can be unpredictable and beware of your belongings.

NOTE: If you were to be scratched or even bitten by a monkey, get medical assistance to assess the injury and check if treatment for rabies is required.

And that’s it for now! I’d love it if this post on where to see monkeys in Cambodia was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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