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The town of Kratie lies in the Northeastern part of Cambodia, it is a small town on the Mekong River. For travelers to Cambodia, Kratie has become a nice place to stop for a couple of days mainly between Vientiane in Laos and Phnom Penh.

Kratie is dotted with old French Colonial buildings, with an awesome sunset over the Mekong River. One thing Kratie is famous for is the Irrawaddy Dolphins and being able to get up close and personal with them.

In this post, we will go through things to do in Kratie Cambodia. So let’s get started!

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Quick Information on Cambodia

  • Currency: Cambodian riel and US Dollar
  • Languages: Khmer, Cham, and English
  • Population: Over 16 million
  • Capital City: Phnom Penh
  • Best time to visit Cambodia: The best months to visit Cambodia are between November to February with an average temperature of 26°C. The other months can be as high as 36°C and can be also the rainy season.
  • How to get there: You can enter Cambodia by flying in as there are flights to most major cities in Cambodia. Also, you can enter by land through Thailand, Laos, or Vietnam.

Where Is Kratie In Cambodia?

Kratie is a small town located in the northeast of Cambodia with a population of over 38,000. It has the same name as the province it is that it is in.

where is kratie cambodia

Is Kratie Worth Visiting?

Yes, Kratie is worth visiting if you get the chance. Kratie gives you a great chance to see the rare Irrawaddy dolphins as well as explore the Mekong river.

Things To Do In Kratie Cambodia

Kratie may be a small town in Cambodia but there are some interesting things to do that will keep you busy for a few days spent in Kratie.

Here is our list of things to do in Kratie Cambodia.

Go Dolphin Watching

As mentioned earlier, this is Kratie’s top tourist attraction, and one of the reasons why people visit Kratie is to see dolphins on the Mekong River. The Irrawaddy dolphins live in Kratie along the Mekong River.

Kratie is a peaceful place for the dolphins to live and enjoy the Mekong River’s freshwater. The Irrawaddy dolphin is an extremely rare dolphin and is an endangered species.

Dolphin Watching On Mekong River in Kratie Cambodia

There is a small village nearby called Kampi were a small group of dolphins lives. To get there, you can ride a moped or tuk-tuk to get there. Once you are in the village, you can then hire a boat with a driver to take you out to see the dolphins.

You can rent a motorboat, that will travel to the site and before you reach the destination, the driver is going to stop the boat’s engine and paddle the rest of the way. This is done to avoid disturbing the dolphins.

You are free to stay in the area for around an hour to watch the dolphins playing around in the water.

Explore Phnom Preah Reserve

If you are a nature lover, Phnom Preah is a great spot you shouldn’t miss out on visiting. This nature reserve attracts both local and foreign visitors. It is roughly about 30 km outside of Kratie in the Chrauy Thmar Leu Village.

The nature reserve of Phnom Preah serves as the home to a number of small mammals and bird species, with the site being looked after by many conservationists.

If you enjoy hiking and love to watch birds and other kinds of rare animals, it should be on top of your list to visit during your time in Kratie.

Enjoy The Mekong Sunset

Kratie also can boast that it offers an Instagramable opportunity of the Mekong sunset. You will not see any better sunset in any other part of Cambodia or even the whole world itself.

Mekong Sunsets in Kratie Cambodia

Tourists and locals alike love heading down to the river at about 7 pm in the evening to watch as the sun slowly sinks down on the river. Nothing beats this sight at the end of a long day.

Explore Koh Trong

It’s actually a long island on the Mekong River and it can be seen from Kratie’s riverbank. If you want to experience real rural Cambodia, this is a great place as it allows you to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing ride to the island.

Koh Trong in Kratie

You can rent a bike in the town and take this across to the island on a small ferry boat, which crosses the river every hour. Remember that it won’t leave until it has enough passengers.

Just hop on the boat and they will collect the money for the fare. Then, the ferry will pull up at the river bank on the island. Then it is time to explore the small island.

See The Vihear Sarsar Mouy Rouy

This temple is recognized due to its long rich history. It is roughly 36 km from Kratie. The temple was built in the 16th century by King Chann Reachea.

Vihear Sarsar Mouy Rouy in Kratie Cambodia

Vihear Sarsar Mouy Rouy means Temple with 100 columns as there are a hundred wooden columns to commemorate Vorakpheak’s memory, which was the daughter of the king.

Explore Kampi Picnic

After you have finished looking for dolphins, the Kampi Picnic is a good place to enjoy good Khmer food, and relax for a while. And even take a few nice pictures.

Kampi Picnic in Kratie Cambodia

Although it’s a small group of islands, it attracts a lot of visitors due to its beautiful streams where visitors can swim and bathe and relax.

The one thing about visiting Kampi is that you can only be visited during the dry season from January to May.

Visit Koh Pdao

Another island along the Mekong River is Koh Pdao, where visitors have a great chance to see the rare Irrawaddy river dolphins. And enjoy the beautiful landscape of scenery along the Mekong River.

During your tour, you will travel up to the Mekong River and you will be able to see the lives of some Cambodians living in Koh Pdao.

If you would like to stay overnight, there are some homestays that can be arranged.

Explore Phnom Sambok Pagoda

Visiting Phnom Sambok Pagoda will involve walking up a lot of steps. Phnom Sambok is roughly about 93 meters high. Once you get to the top you can enjoy the amazing views.

Also, there are buildings there that are beautiful and grand and beautiful too with a very calming and peaceful vibe.

Phnom Sambok in Kratie Cambodia

There are monkeys on the lower level on the way down. You need to be aware that monkeys can be cheeky and you need to hold on to your belongings.

Enjoy Phnom Sopor Kaley

Phnom Sopor Kaley is a cultural and historical site that is home to many famous buildings. These buildings are lodged inside the premises of the Phnom Sopor Kaley. This is located only 30 kilometers away from Kratie.

To get there you will have to cross the Mekong River by ferry to reach the Chambok Village. And then get to the mountain’s foot through laterite road. Which is about 800 steps up to the mountain top.

Visitors may also enjoy the views of the rural areas and other places around the Mekong River.

Wander Around The Central Market

Nearly all towns in Cambodia have a central market. And Kratie is not an exception to this. The market can be found in the center of the town and it’s absolutely a great place to wander around.

food market

However, don’t expect to purchase souvenirs in the central market. This is a local market where people come to purchase household items, clothes, and fresh food.

Wrapping Up

Finally, Kratie is a great place to stop over for a few days the best thing to do is see the Irrawaddy dolphins. Just because there are rare and endangered. And the Mekong sunset is amazing. Decide on what you want to do and start enjoying what Kratie has to offer.

And that’s it for now! I’d love to know if this guide on things to do in Kratie Cambodia has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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Things To Do in Kratie Cambodia
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