Ipoh is a city located on the west coast of the Malay Peninsula. And is the state capital of Perak. Located between Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Ipoh is easily accessed by neighboring cities. The city has a population of over 666,000. What are the things to do in Ipoh Malaysia?

Ipoh is a good place to visit especially for art lovers as the town has an artsy feel to it. As well as the art there are other things to do such as exploring caves, temples, markets, food, and much more. It also was once a British colonial so there are British-era architecture and history around the city.

In this post, we will go through things to do in Ipoh Malaysia. Let’s get started!

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Is Ipoh Worth Visiting?

Ipoh is worth visiting, especially for those who enjoy art. You can also explore caves, temples, markets, food, colonial buildings, and much more. You can also learn about the town’s history when it was a British colonial it was. a mining tin town.

Things To Do In Ipoh Malaysia

Ipoh is a city located on the west coast of the Malay Peninsula that is easily accessible from Kuala Lumpur and Penang. There are fun things to do in Ipoh that will keep you busy for a few days.

Here is our list of things to do in Ipoh Malaysia.

See The Birch Memorial Clock Tower

See the Birch Memorial Clock Tower. It was built to commemorate James W. W. Birch, who was the first British Resident of the state of Perak. The Birch Memorial Clock Tower was built in 1909 as a memorial to James Birch.

Birch Memorial Clock Tower in Ipoh

The tower has four statues around the top symbolizing “loyalty, patience, justice and fortitude” designed to represent the virtues of the British administration.

Explore D.R. Seenivasagam Park

If want to take a timeout from the busy city, you can visit Dr. Seenivasagam Park. It is a large park, where people can walk, jog, ride bikes, yoga and there is a play area for kids.

D.R. Seenivasagam Park in Ipoh

There are nice bridges over the streams. And you can put your name on one of the bamboo trees at the bamboo thicket. On the downside, the park is not well maintained so sometimes rubbish can build up.

View The Street Art

Once in Ipoh particularly in Oldtown, you will be provided with maps that show exact places where you can see the art. You can meet different artists who will guide you through their artwork being painted onto the wall.

Street Art in Ipoh

There are some famous artworks like Uncle Folding a coffee cup. You can also take pictures as a reminder of the artwork.

Explore Gunung Lang Recreational Park

Gunung Lang is a limestone hill with a beautiful green landscape and a huge man-made lake with fish that you can feed. The park is over 30 hectares and is around 20 minutes drive outside of Ipoh.

Gunung Lang Park in Ipoh

At the park, you will find an observation tower, a small zoo, a decent range of facilities as well as a cafe shop. And there is a man-made waterfall just beside the entrance. You can buy bread to feed the fish at the park.

There is a small island in the middle of the lake where the boat ride costs around 3 RM brings you across.

Visit Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple

Sam Poh Tong Cave temple in Gunung Rapat is an architectural spectacle. It is a temple that is inside a cave but there is also a tortoise pond inside. Inside the temple, the pond has fish and beautiful stone structures, and some flowers on the side.

Sam Poh Tong Temple in Ipoh

After a short walk past the statues and along a cave tunnel, you will find the tortoise pond. The whole area is well maintained.

Explore Sultan Abdul Aziz Park

The park has facilities similar to other recreational parks but the facilities here are better than the others. You can go walking or jogging tracks. Also, there is a kid’s playground, exercise bars, tennis courts, cycling tracks, and standalone truck eateries.

Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreation in Ipoh

Visit Kellie’s Castle

Kellie’s Castle is a castle or even a mansion that was never finished because the owner died before it was completed as a gift for his wife who ultimately returned back to the UK and never returned to Malaysia.

Kellie Castle in Ipoh Malaysia

You can walk around the grounds, and explore inside the castle. You can see every room inside it while getting some context from well-placed plaques that explain each room and section of the castle.

There are lots of stairs to climb, once you reach the top. Where you will get a nice view of the grounds and the town. There is an entrance fee of RM 5 for adults and RM 3 for children.

Paintings At Gua Tambun Cave

At the Gua Tambun Cave, you will fill Neolithic art with more than 600 human and animal pictures that were discovered by a British soldier in 1959. You will see images that are believed to have existed for thousands of years.

Although there has been the destruction of the lower parts of the cave, you will follow the field lane, cross the bridge, and follow the signs to the cave once you are in Tambun.

Explore Perak Cave Temple

This is the best of the 3 cave temples in Ipoh. It is spacious, clean, and nicely laid out. There is a long walk of over 400 steps to the top where you get a great viewpoint of Ipoh.

Inside of Perak Temple in Ipoh

You can view the golden Buddha, statues, and writings. Once you make it to the top of the building, you will have a lovely view of the iconic structures and Ipoh town as a whole.

Bring water, you need at least 45 minutes at this cave temple.

Visit The Flea Market

On Sunday morning there is the Memory Lane Flea market that sells everything from old books, vases, and vintage cameras to jeans and t-shirts.

You can purchase food and drinks from the stalls at the market.

Try Ipoh White Coffee

Ipoh’s claim to fame is for having invented the Ipoh White Coffee. The coffee beans are roasted with palm oil margarine and the resulting coffee is served with condensed milk.

Ipoh White Coffee

Enjoy Malaysian dishes

Known for the famous Ipoh Chicken Rice and Gai Si Hor Fun, you will have the chance to taste Malaysian food. Pay a visit to some of the eateries such as Ong Kee, and Cowan Street, among others.

You have the chance to test the fantastic aromatic chicken offered at various restaurants.

Wrapping Up

Finally, Ipoh is a cross-section of the cultural and historical stuff but is a place for art lovers. if you enjoy sightseeing then there is Kellie’s Castle and temples that are in caves. You can visit the local markets, enjoy the local food, and much more. The is no end to things to do in Ipoh Malaysia.

And that’s it for now! I’d love to know if this guide on things to do in Ipoh Malaysia has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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Things to do in Ipoh Malaysia