Things To Do in Taiping Malaysia

Wonderful Things To Do in Taiping Malaysia

The town of Taiping in Malaysia is home to loads of cultural and historical wonders. Most of the tourists in that visit Taiping embark on food hunts to make the most out of the vast number of hidden eateries and restaurants dotted around the town.

Checkout our travel tips to Malaysia and out things to do in Malaysia before going.

Originally a tin mining town, Taiping is also the home to a lot of firsts. These include Malaysia’s first post office and first museum.

Thanks to its strategic location under Bukit Larut’s foothills, Taiping is also dubbed as the wettest town in the country. Boasting of beautiful rainforests and the acclaimed Lake Gardens.

Fun Things To Do

With all the beautiful parts of Taiping waiting to be discovered and explore, here is our top things to do in Taiping Malaysia that you shouldn’t miss doing during your visit.

Visit the First Ever Museum in Malaysia

The Perak Museum, or Muzium Perak, was the first ever museum constructed in Malaysia in 1883.

Situated in the intersection of Jalan Taming Sari and Jalan Muzium, this sits exactly at the opposite of the Taiping Prison.

The Perak Museum in Taiping is the first and oldest museum in Malaysia
The Perak Museum in Taiping is the first and oldest museum in Malaysia

You will find here 8,474 exhibits showcasing the history, geology and zoology of Malaysia among many other aspects of the history that were long forgotten.

Several of these exhibits feature the products and culture of Perak’s indigenous tribes, including the Negrito and Senoi tribes.

Grab a Bite of Cendol from the Oldest Cendol Stalls of Taiping

A favorite among the locals, Ansari Cendol is found right next to Bismillah Cendol. These two have been running their business for more than 70 years, which make them Taiping’s oldest Cendol stalls.

Many people flock from different corners of Malaysia just to get a taste of cendol here.

The specialty of Ansari Cendol is cendol with glutinous rice or pulut beras and red bean. They also sell an Indian rojak dish called pasembor.

Bask in the Serenity of Taiping Lake Gardens

The Lake Gardens is composed of a total of 10 ponds and lakes and is abundant with different species of fauna and flora.

Many tourists love to jog here, drive and walk around the area that boasts of a picturesque beauty that will surely leave you in awe. It’s definitely one of the top things to do in Taiping.

Lake Garden in Taiping Malaysia
Lake Garden in Taiping Malaysia

You can also rent any of the small boats from Pusat Rekreasi Dayung or boat house that are ideal for small groups or couples.

The Lake Gardens is also famous among cyclists and groups of martial artists. This spot can be found in the main town neat the foothills of Bukit Larut.

Embark on a Free Taiping Exploration Aboard the Electric Shuttle Box

After the establishment of Taiping as a Heritage Town, the Japanese government gave shuttle buses to Taiping as a gift.

Not only the shuttle buses are convenient for the tourists for sightseeing, but also the buses are eco-friendly as well.

Buses stop in a total of thirty-nine places including Taiping Museum and Taiping Lake Gardens. Visitors may board the bus along Taiping Heritage Trail, Museum, Clock Tower or the Zoo.

Be Up Close and Personal with Nature at Taiping Zoo

Taiping Zoo is Malaysia’s oldest zoo that houses more than 180 species of animals, where a majority of them are nocturnal.

This zoo also has an active participation in conservation and breeding efforts. This is also one of the popular things to do in Taiping.

Taiping Zoo and Night Safari
Taiping Zoo and Night Safari

The Taiping Zoo is also offering day tours and the famous Night Safari Tour. Since most of the zoo’s animals are nocturnal, this zoo comes alive when nighttime comes and is a famous spot among tourists.

Zip Through 72 Bends on the Jeep’s Back

A good way up to the Bukit Larut is by the numerous jeeps that the ferry visitors from and to the resort.

Jeep travels along the scenic route and rides take about thirty minutes. Just ensure to hang tight as there are some 72 bends that makes for the thrilling ride. All unauthorised cars aren’t allowed.

For people who would instead not take the jeep up, it’s possible to hike the hill. Hiking would take about three to five hours, yet the routes are more beautiful compared to taking a jeep.

Experience 15-Degree Temperatures on Bukit Larut’s Top

The Bukit Larut is referred to as Maxwell Hill and it was established by William Edward Maxwell in year 1884. It’s located 1250 meters above sea level and it’s the wettest place in the country of Malaysia.

Bukit Larut in Triping
Bukit Larut in Triping

It has a cool and comfortable climate of 15-degree Celsius during early morning and ten degrees Celsius during night-time.

The most ideal places on Maxwell Hill include Tea Garden House, which is the former office of a tea plantation and Gunung Hijau Trail, which is the jungle hiking trail and has Taiping’s panoramic view.

Read about the Pioneering History of Taiping at Taiping First Galleria

Taiping First Galleria is basically a private museum that was established to highlight multitude of the firsts in Taiping.

This was previously used by Perak Trigonometrical Survey Office in year 1891 and was known as Taiping Municipal in year 1930 before the renovations happened to construct the museum today.

Once you visit the place, you will be able to see a train carriage, old trishaws and some old artifacts displaying Taiping’s rich history. First Galleria is situated in Jalan Stesen, which is just behind the Post Office.

Visit the First English Church of Malaysia

All Saint’s Church is the National Heritage Site that’s established in year 1886.

It’s Malaysia’s first church and one of the churches that still utilizes a pipe organ, which can be heard during the special masses throughout the entire year.

All Saints Church in Taiping
All Saints Church in Taiping

All Saint’s Church retains its gothic, antique heritage with wooden structures and rafters. Church grounds also include an attached graveyard, which contains the European settlers’ old toms.

It accommodates 350 people and a famous attraction to a lot of people who enjoy the historical architecture.

Photograph the Oldest Prison in Malaysia

Perak prison, which is also renowned as Taiping Gaol, is considered as the first ever prison that was established in Malaysia.

It’s situated opposite Perak Muzium. Unluckily, it’s not open to the tourists because it’s still operating as a good detention center.

A lot of tourists like walking around the prison building’s outside as the structure made with nineteenth century architectural structures and its Malaysia’s historical significance.

How To Get To Taiping Malaysia?

There is a good selection of ways to get to Taiping Malaysia. You can get to Taiping by bus, taxi or train.

From Kuala Lumpur to Taiping: There is a direct train departing from Kuala Lumpur and arriving at Taiping. The journey takes over 3 h 10 min. And costs less than 45RM.

There is a direct bus departing from Hentian Duta and arriving at Taiping. The journey takes approximately 3 h 45 min and costs around 70RM. There is another bus that takes just less than 6 hours that costs less than 30RM.

Private taxi is another great way to get to Taiping but not cheap. It takes about 2h 30 mins and can cost around 470RM.

From Penang to Taiping: The way to get from Penang to Taiping is by ferry, train and bus.

Ferry leaves Raja Tun Uda Ferry Terminal hourly and costs 10RM which requires a transfer to Butterworth station from Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal.

From Butterworth there is a Bus to Kamunting which take 1hr 30 mins for 10RM. Once in Kamunting there is a 4 min journey by train to Taiping.

The best why from Penang to Taiping is by train. Get the ferry that leaves Raja Tun Uda Ferry Terminal hourly and costs 5RM. After the ferry transfer to Butterworth station. From Butterworth the train is 56 mins and costs around 20RM to Taiping.

From Malacca to Taiping: The way to get from Melaka Sentral to Taiping is by bus which costs 35RM and takes over 7 hours. There is a change of bus in Bersepadu selatan.

Trains departing from Malacca and arriving at Taiping, takes about 6h for less than 100RM. There is a change of trains in Paulau Sebang.

Where is Taiping Malaysia Located on the Map?

I have been asked regularly where places are located on the map. So I added a picture to show where Taiping Malaysia is located.

Location of Taiping Malaysia on the map
Location of Taiping Malaysia on the map

Where to Stay on Taiping Malaysia

Taiping has a fair selection of guest guest houses, hostels and hotels. Here are a few places to check out and give you an idea of what is available in Taiping, if you are planning to visit Taiping Malaysia.

Remember to check the reviews and book a place that suits you interests while traveling.

Sojourn Beds & Cafe
Rating 9.3, Prices start from $18 for a double room

Set in a restored 1930’s shop house, Sojourn Beds & Café is an affordable and cosy accommodation situated in Taiping. Offering free WiFi access, it features comfortable rooms that are cooled with air conditioning.

Rooms are fitted with a writing desk, ironing facilities and hardwood floors. Guests have access to the shared bathroom facilities featuring heated showers.

Zen Retreat Taiping
Rating 9.5, Prices start from $85 for a 3 bedroom Villa

Zen Retreat Taiping is a villa in Taiping with access to a garden. Free WiFi is available throughout the property.

This air-conditioned two-storey villa comes with 3 separate bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. It features a balcony and the courtyard is fitted with two hot tubs.

Kimal Hotel Taiping
Rating 8.2, Prices start from $19 for a double room

This 1-star Japanese-style business hotel offers a 24-hour front desk. The accommodation offers free WiFi throughout the property.

Every room comes with a desk and a flat-screen TV. Rooms include a private bathroom, while certain rooms will provide you with a city view.

Wrapping Up

Finally, once you visit Taiping, you will have plenty of options to visit, explore, discover and with many more things to do in Taiping Malaysia. All you have to do is to choose the activities you prefer and start enjoying what Taiping has to offer.

And that’s it for now! I’d love to know if this guide on the things to do in Taiping Malaysia has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if you go.

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Things To Do In Taiping Malaysia

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  1. As regards to the Taiping museum.
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    Recent visit with my guests was embarassing!
    Even worse was the museum in Ipoh.
    Got to be thick skinned to call them museums.

    1. I can’t speak for artifacts in the 1960’s. The museum it self was ok but my expectations regarding museums are not high. In saying that it do with refreshing things a little.

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