The Philippines is popular with travelers who want to relax by the beach on one of the country’s many islands. The country has been growing as a popular destination among tourists and backpackers from all around the world. And it is no wonder with over 7,100 islands and as many beaches.

The Philippines is blessed with plenty of tropical beaches that are unique only to this wonderful country. Choosing the right beach with white sand, crystal blue water, and amazing marine life, nightlife, and restaurants can be a big task with many options in the Philippines.

In this post, we will go through what are the best beaches in the Philippines. Let’s get started!

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Does The Philippines Have The Best Beaches?

The Philippines has over 7,100 islands and there is no shortage of white sand and clear water beaches around the country. There are hundreds of picturesque beaches around the Philippines, the problem is deciding on which one to visit.

The Best Beaches In The Philippines

You will find the Philippines is blessed with amazing beaches all over the country. You should remember that the beaches in the Philippines do vary from beach to beach with some being very busy and developed while others can be fairly remote.

Here are some of the best beaches in the Philippines that are worth a visit.

Visit White Beach Boracay

White Beach in Boracay is considered properly the best beach in the Philippines. The beach is over 2 km long, it is clean and has gorgeous white sand.

Also, Boracay has won many distinctions from all over the world, thanks to its perfect combination of cool crystal clear water and white sandy beaches.

White Beach in Boracay

Lots of bars and restaurants along the beach. The usual activities to do at the beach like scuba diving, snorkeling, and much more to do with local tour operators offering you packages.

And then there is the sunset, which is a breathtaking view and always attracts a large crowd.

See Alona Beach

On the small island of Panglao, you will find Alona Beach. Alona Beach is beautiful with natural white sand. It has a long stretch of shoreline where you can enjoy walking along, particularly in the evening.

Alona beach in Pangloa

Alona Beach is open for everyone and during peak time it will be crowded. With plenty of good restaurants and bars with live music at night.

There are a lot of small boats there that you can rent if you decide to go island hopping to Virgin Island and Balicasag and go snorkeling.

Discover Coron Island

Coron Island is also the most beautiful island found in the Calamian Group in the province of Palawan. This will make you fall in love with its white sand beaches which are typical in Palawan coastlines. On the beach, you can have good coastal and inland diving as well as go snorkeling.

Coron Beach Palawan

Some of its major attractions include the Lake Barracuda and Lake Kayangan, crystal clear lakes that serve as a home to diverse aquatic life.

The area is also filled with idyllic nature parks perfect for your getaway.

Explore El Nido

By going to El Nido on the island of Palawan you will find some stunning beaches. El Nido may boast of towering marble cliffs, impressive seascapes, and diverse wildlife that never fail to leave visitors in awe. The beaches are some of the best you will find.

On El Nido, some of the stunning beaches are Nacpan Beach, Hidden Beach, Marimegmeg Beach, Duli Beach, Las Cabanas Beach, Seven Commando Beach, Payong-Payong Beach, El Nido Beach and there is more.

All the beaches on El Nido are worth visiting with Nacpan Beach properly being the more popular one. Again offering the usual activities to do at the beach with bars and restaurants along the beach.

Also, El Nido has more than 30 dive sites catering to both experts and beginners. With rich marine life around the island and bask in the colorful and fascinating underwater world.

Explore White Island

White Island in Camiguin is really a wonderful sandbar. This is just 10 minutes away from the main island. The beach is really blue and the sand is clean.

White island in Camiguin

Go first thing in the morning cause the place will be packed with locals and tourists alike. The island has no shade but there are umbrellas available for rent

A good place to visit but you really can’t stay long to relax because of the heat.

Go To Siargao Island

Another top place for beaches in the Philippines is without a doubt Siargao Island. Also known as the Surfing Capital of Asia, Siargao is situated in the lovely Surigao del Norte province.

This island is notable for its teardrop shape. Is famous for its curling waves which can rise from 9 to as much as 12 feet tall.

These very waves of the Pacific are what made Siargao a popular spot for adventurous surfers and thrill-seekers from different countries around the world.

A surfing competition is held here annually where surfers from all over the globe gather to showcase their skills.

See Dumaluan Beach

Dumaluan Beach is another beautiful beach on Panglao Island. Most people will stick to Alona Beach even though it’s crowded.

Dumaluan Beach in Panglao

You will be surprised because of the s 3 km stretch of tropical heaven that is Instagram-worthy. And surrounded by an abundance of marine life.

Dumaluan Beach is a private beach with a lot of beachfront resorts that aren’t very welcoming to non-residents.

Discover Gigante Island

Another top place for beaches in the Philippines is Gigante Island. Its shoreline is surrounded by white sand and blue waters.

Gigantes Islands near Sicogon and looks to be one contiguous island. You can enjoy swimming and playing in the sun. The white sand and clear water will definitely make you come back and stay for longer.

Gigante Island

Island hopping from island to island is an awesome experience to have, you will be amazed at how beautiful these islands are.

Wrapping Up

Finally, the Philippines is blessed with over 7,100 islands. The Philippines has an amazing range of beaches that are found all around the country. A lot of them come with resorts, restaurants, bars, and more to keep you busy. Remember that beaches in the Philippines do vary from beach to beach with some being very busy and developed while others are remote and not developed.

And that’s it for now! I’d love to know if this guide on the best beaches in the Philippines has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if you.

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