Fun Things To Do in Siargao Philippines That You Should Try

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Unknown to many, Siargao is not just about surfing. This is more than a ‘breaks’, swells, and a bunch of waves that ‘fall apart’ and break.

And you’ll be truly amazed at what Siargao has to offer to non-surfer guests.

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Tourism in Siargao has doubled in 2018. The island is developing rapidly, but you should be prepared for inconveniences like dirt roads, power cuts, and limited to no WiFi.

Things To Do in Siargao Philippines

Siargao is able to cater for all budgets and you’ll be amazed by its range of activities that you can do on the island.

If you decide to spend some time in Siargao, don’t forget to try the following.

Visit Magpupungko Beach

It takes roughly about an hour to get from General Luna to the uncrowded beach of Magpupungko Beach. It’s a stretch of cream-colored sand with famous stones and natural tidal pools at its northern tip.

Magpupungko Beach Siargao
Magpupungko Beach in Siargao

At high tide, coral stones that serve as walls of tidal pools are usually completely submerged.

You can use the dry path leading to the pool, as getting there through the rocky coast is quite difficult because of the open sea.

Despite the tide, the underwater crevices are clearly visible against the background of beautiful turquoise water, unlike the wide brown coral stones, separating calm tidal basins from the breaking waves of the Philippine Sea. You will be amazed!

There is an Entrance fee to the beach of Php 50 per person.

Explore Sohoton National Park

The Sohoton Caves and Natural Bridge Park is a protected natural area about 841 hectares and a tourist attraction within the Samar Island Natural Park.

Sohoton National Park in Siargao
Sohoton National Park in Siargao

The natural park features caves, subterranean rivers, waterfalls, limestone formations, thick forest, and a natural stone bridge.

Sohoton Cove is in Bucas Grande Island and only a one-hour hour boat trip from the popular tourist island of Siargao. The coves are only accessible when the tide is low.

Go Island Hopping

Siargao has three beautifully islands of Naked Island, Daku and Guyam, that are a short boat ride away.

A day trip of island hopping roughly costs between $25 to $35 per person.

Explore Pansukian or Naked Island

Known as Pansukian or Naked, this beautiful little island got its name because it is just a bare sandbar, that means no trees, no buildings, nothing at all … not even a nudist beach.

Naked Island in Siargao
Naked Island in Siargao

Just pure white sand surrounded by clear emerald water. “Naked” strongly resembles “White Island” in Camiguin, only smaller in size, with a circumference of no more than 200 meters.

At high tide, the island is almost completely submerged. During the tour, you will have enough time to swim and explore its waters before heading to the next island of Dhaka Island.

Explore Daku Island

Daku Island is the largest of the three islands and has a small settlement and a resort with a long strip of white sand beach and coconut palm fringe. Typical tropical paradise beach.

Daku Island in Siargao
Daku Island in Siargao

Another interesting fact about the island is the beach line is constantly changing depending on the season. The term “Dako” is the Visaye word meaning “large” because Dako Island is the largest of the three.

Dako is located between two small islands with a white sandy beach, coconut palms, in short, typically tropical.

A small community lives on the island, mostly fishermen. The cottages are built on the west side of the beach and are offered at a price of $14 / night, $4 / day.

The waters around the island are great for diving, fishing, and snorkeling. During the “Amihan” season (southwest winds), there is a good wave on the east side of the island, which makes it one more spot for surfing.

See Guyam Island

The next stop is Guyam Island, a small private island with a small stretch of white sandy beach and an interesting collection of coral formations.

Coconut grove adorns the interior of the island, with two or three wooden cottages for those who want to stay for a night or two.

Guyam Island in Siargao
Guyam Island in Siargao

There is a family on the island who collects an entrance fee of less than a dollar per person. The island is unpretentious and just as interesting as the other two. Clearwater is ideal for snorkeling and fishing.

If you want to spend the night, you can set up a tent for a small fee. The best attraction of the island? Stunning view of the sunset!

Visit Cloud 9

Any trip to Siargao will not be complete without a visit to the promenade. A surfer or not, a person must see this outstanding place on the island in order to feel the true atmosphere of Siargao.

Cloud 9 Boardway Walk in Siargao
Cloud 9 Boardway Walk in Siargao

The long wooden structure serves as an observation deck and walkway for surfers heading towards the famous “Cloud 9”, where the surfer will go to sea before riding a wave and landing on the beach.

The promenade is a good place to walk and watch the surfers. Here you can rent a surfboard and take a few lessons from local pros.

Go Surfing

Surfing! Most of the guesthouses and resorts in the area of ​​Catangnan (Cloud 9) offer rental boards and instructors.

On the waterfront, there is also an autonomous rental.

Go Surfing
Go Surfing

The standard price is $10 per hour for the use of a longboard and instructor services. Rent just boards: $6 for half a day; and $10 for the whole day.

Go Diving or Go Snorkeling

The untouched and unexplored waters around Siargao Island are suitable for diving all year round.

Try Scuba Diving
Try Scuba Diving

Try diving in the waters around Daku Island, which may not be as rich as Malapascua and Coron or as colorful as the Apo Reef and Tubbat Reefs, but in any case, you will be impressed.

The opportunity to explore and discover, wait for surprises, and appreciate what Siargao offers. Popular dive sites are Blue Cathedral, Guyam Island, Dako Island, Seeco Reef, Antokon, Shark Point, and more.

Other Things To Do

Other water sports such as kayaking and paddle boarding can be found on many of the island’s beaches.

  • Fishing for tuna and marlin
  • Trek to the Taktak waterfall in Sta. Monica
  • Study the cave in Consuelo
  • Go bird watching
  • Tour to Bukas Grande Island / Sohoton Bay

Food, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars

General Luna is the tourist center of Siargao and here you will find the richest selection of restaurants and cafes, including restaurants in hotels, and resorts.

On the menu is an appetizer platter of delicious local Filipino and Western dishes, including a large selection of seafood and high-quality fish (tuna and marlin).

Important information

  • There are ATMs in Dapa but it can be unreliable.
  • Some resorts accept major credit cards with an additional charge of at least 6%
  • Mobile phone operators Globe and Smart have a steady signal in Siargao
  • The best time to surf in Siargao is from July to November. From November to April there is a rainy season on the island, besides strong winds often blow

Where To Stay On Siargao Philippines

Siargao has a good supply of guest houses, hostels, and hotels. Here are a few places to check out if you are planning to visit Siargao Philippines.

Remember to check the reviews and book a place that suits your interests while traveling.

Ameeza House
Rating 9.1, Prices start from $41 for Double room

Ameeza House is set in General Luna and 4.3 km of Cloud 9 Surfing Area. The air-conditioned units are furnished with tiled floors and feature a private bathroom, a TV, free WiFi, and views over the garden.

Rating 9.1, Prices start from $41 for Double room

ShareGao is located in near Cloud9, ShareGao offers air-conditioned accommodation with free WiFi. All rooms at ShareGao are fitted with air conditioning.

cado Tree Hostel
Rating 9.0, Prices start from $12 for Single Bed in Dormitory Room

Avocado Tree Hostel is located in General Luna and is set 600 m from Guyam Island. Free WiFi is at guests’ disposal.

Wrapping Up

Finally, when you visit Siargao in the Philippines, you will never worry about things to do in Siargao. Just, sit back and enjoy the golden beaches and natural beauty. You will love Siargao.

And that’s it for now! I’d love to know if this guide on the things to do in Siargao Philippines has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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