Things to do near Las Vegas

Things to Do Near Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a favorite tourist destination in the USA that you must visit during your trip. You really need some guides where you must go near Las Vegas to get some excitement during this vacation. So, read these following fun things to do near Las Vegas that you must not miss during your vacation.

Visiting Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is actually not a holiday spot. But it is a great idea to visit this landmark to witness the greatness of the world largest dam in the world. It is also not located in Las Vegas city. But you need to go to Black Canyon to see this dam. It is a huge dam that was built-in 1935. Now, this dam has become one of the top tourist spots in the US, especially for those who have never seen it before.

Visiting Area 51

Area 51 Desert Road
Area 51 Desert Road

Area 51 is commonly known as US Air Force Flight Test Center and Detachment 3, Paradise Ranch, and much more. It is an isolated area in the southern Nevada that is owned by the US government. It is used as secret development center and air force test for a new generation. Maybe, this location is not a tourist spot, but you probably visit it if you really wonder how it really looks like.

Seeing the Greatness of Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

It is world largest canyon that you can find near Las Vegas, precisely in the northern Arizona along the Colorado River. Perhaps, this tourist spot becomes the most challenging spot ever because this Canyon is far from the city but you will be amazed at its greatness. In addition, this canyon also belongs to one of the world 7 wonders. So, it is a great idea if you take your friends with you to visit this great canyon to see its wonder.

Hunting Some Las Vegas Restaurants

After you spend your days to explore the excitement of landmarks near Las Vegas, then it is time to get to the city and find some meals to eat. Vegas is the home for world best restaurants with the best chefs. There are so many nice restaurants that provide some delicious meals. Such as Buffets that you can get it from some popular restaurants such as Le Village Buffet at Paris, Buffets from Harrah’s, and much more.

Mob Museum

Mob Museum Las Vegas
Mob Museum Las Vegas

The Mob Museum is located downtown Las Vegas, which tells the story of organized crime and law enforcement battle in Las Vegas. Real stories are brought to life by high-tech theatre presentations, interactive exhibits, multi-sensory exhibits, rare artifacts, and exclusive insights from people on both sides of the ongoing battle. The Mob Museum costs $24 and open between 9am to 9pm daily.

Seeing the Replication of Eiffel Tower Las Vegas

Las Vegas Foundations
Eiffel Tower Las Vegas

You do not need to go to Paris to see an Eiffel tower because you can enjoy it in Vegas. You can take some pictures with the Eiffel tower background. In addition, this tower is located near the Bellagio Fountain. The Bellagio fountain show is really beautiful. All of the visitors can see the water dance with a back sound to make your heart dance either.

These are only a few of the many things to do in Las Vegas that will surely make your visit to the city the best experience you can ever have! Like any trip, you’ll get the most out of it by learning all you can before you arrive. Hope these tips are helpful, if I missed anything please leave a comment.

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