What to Watch Out for in Thailand: Scams in Thailand
What to Watch Out for in Thailand : Scams in Thailand

What to Watch Out for in Thailand: Scams in Thailand

Thailand is one of countries in South East Asia which has wonderful beaches, nightlife, temples and so much more. But like any other country they have scams targeting tourist.

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Those scammers are just trying to make money from tourists, whom they consider as rich. All you need is to be careful with certain scammers, which actually only occur to some places like Bangkok, Phuket but mainly in popular tourist areas.

The necessary things that you should understand about scams in Thailand, are.


Let’s start from the simplest, yet the most interesting part of Bangkok. Tuk-tuk is what all tourists want to ride in, though it is considered as the lowest cost of transportation in the city.

Tuk tuk in Thailand
Tuk tuk in Thailand

Many visitors find this exciting, though they should know better that most of its drivers are scammers. If you are interested in taking this kind of unique transportation, you can just take a look on your Google map and find the closest place to visit.

You may ask for advice from local people about the common cost in riding tuk-tuk. These days, it is much easier for foreigners to pay in advance to tuk-tuk drivers and lead the way, instead of letting tuk-tuk drivers to lead them to places that tourists avoid, like jewelry shops, travel agents, etc.

Anyway, you can find this way as an effective way. Don’t hesitate to say ‘no’, as long as you know where you are going.

The Sex Shows

More or less interests the male tourists, particularly the solo visitors. It is much better to avoid less reputable bars that offer sex shows which are known well as ping-pong show.

It is easy to meet a beautiful lady, who is as sweet as a kitten, though she will secretly place a high amount of your bill after you really get drunk. For your own security and safety, it is much better to ask for advice from the hotel staff, about the recommended bars with good reputation.

Again, it is much easier for you now to browse around from the search engine, as reputable bars and cafes always appear on many travel directories.

Fake Tour Travels

It is true that there are so many reputable tour agencies in Bangkok. But, it is always recommended to be careful with fake tour agents throughout the city, particularly on the most crowded place in Bangkok, like Khao San Road.

Grand Palace in Bangkok
Grand Palace in Bangkok

Those scam travel agents are noticeably when they really insist tourists to join their tour travel. Besides, you can easily notice that they are scams when you find out that the package cost is way too cheap.

You can also make comparisons in such an easy way by visiting travel websites.

The Temple Visit

Bangkok and other cities in Thailand are always popular for their pagodas and Buddhist temples. Yes, they are indeed magnificent.

Those wonders are too good to miss, so you should never miss them, too. But, it is always recommended strongly to find the opening hours for such temples.

Emerald Buddha Temple Bangkok
Emerald Buddha Temple Bangkok

Of course, the internet is always your best friend, that you can trust fully. This is because most scammers who claim to be your ‘best tour guide’, will say that those interesting places are closed, due to sacred ceremony that foreigners may not enter. Though such reasons may be true, there are times for certain holy ceremonies.

The opening hours of popular temples are always available on the official website of the city’s tourism department. So, you need to be careful with those scammers.

They won’t steal your money right away, anyway. But, they will lead you to several places where you would spend more than you should.

The Beach Scams

You can’t avoid the charm of the beaches during your visit in Thailand. But, this is also the place where scammers are all around.

jet ski thailand
Jet ski thailand

Most of them know that foreigner tourists love to spend money for renting jet ski and boats. Especially for jet skis. You might be in a great dilemma here, as you really wish to conquer the great waves of the beach by using a jet ski. But, you might not want to face troubles by paying a high amount of rent.

It is even worse, if the vendor asks for your passport as the collateral, as you might say that your money isn’t enough to pay for the rent. Most of those scammers usually ‘accuse’ users that they have damaged their jet ski, so they will ask for the repair cost.

So, in order to avoid this happening, you can ask about the rent cost in advance, while checking the overall condition before renting it.

Wrapping Up

Finally, don’t let those scams ruin your holiday in Bangkok and other cities in Thailand. Doing some research on the web can help you avoiding such scams in Thailand.

And that’s it for now! I’d love if this post on is what to watch out for in Thailand : Scams in Thailand was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if you go.

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What to Watch Out for in Thailand : Scams in Thailand

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