Visiting Phuket Thailand

Visiting Phuket Thailand

We arrived to Phuket late in the evening after a 9 hour ferry and bus journey from Koh Tao. Phuket been Thailand largest island and another 32 smaller islands off its coast.

We took a chill day for our first day in Phuket.

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Visiting Tiger Kingdom in Phuket

We visited Tiger Kingdom. Simply you get to go into the tiger cage for about 20 min and take pictures with the tigers obviously supervised.

There are different sizes of tigers you can choose from baby/small tiger to large tiger, with the baby/small tiger been the most expensive and the largest tiger been the cheapest option.

Naithon Beach Phuket
Naithon Beach in Phuket

We selected the package for the large tiger and small/middle tiger. First, we had to wait a while to get into the cage.

When we finally went in, the tigers were just lying down and I got to sit down behind them a take a couple photos.

Trying Out The Shooting Range

Next we tried out the shooting range outside Patong. They had a limited selection of guns at the range, I selected the AK47.

You pay for the bullets so the price depended on the guns you select.

Each clip was around 800 baht. The supervisor loaded the guns for you. After firing off a few rounds, that was it all over in under a few seconds of firing.

Visiting Patong Beach

Patong Beach was the nearest beach to us and simply put is fairly overdeveloped but Patong has a great nightlife.

The beach is not the nicest with the water and sand is also not particularly clean.

Patong Beach in Phuket
Patong Beach in Phuket

Plus the beach is crowded and full of vendors and touts.

There is nicer beaches in Phuket like Laguna beach which is long stretch of sand which is maintained and includes lots of golf courses, large resorts and private villas.

Wrapping Up

Phuket is always good and there is tons of fun things to do. The only major downside was that everywhere is very touristy.

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