Kukup Island is a small island as well as a small fishing village in Malaysia. The island and village are located in Peninsular Malaysia on its southwest coast. Kukup Island is located about 1 km offshore from the mainland but what are the things to do in Kukup Malaysia?

Kukup and Kukup island is slowly growing as a tourist destination town with things to do in Kukup ranging from visiting the national park on the island to joining the culinary tour around the island. As well as enjoying the natural scenery there are golden sand beaches to enjoy.

In this post, we will go through things to do in Kukup Malaysia. Let’s get started!

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Brief History

The history of Kukup Island has a unique story. Initially, this island was a remote hinterland. There’s nothing interesting that makes it special. Until 1990, scientists and researchers became interested in the unique biodiversity that existed on Kukup Island.

Then the island began to be used as a habitat for the conservation of rare biodiversity. As a result, based on the Johor State Park Corporation Enactment finally, Kukup Island was changed into a national park, back on March 27, 1997.

Subsequently in January 2003, based on the RAMSAR Convention in Geneva, the island became a wetland of international importance or a RAMSAR site.

The island itself is predominantly covered in mudflats and mangroves, with various wildlife that can be found there are wild boars, monkeys, and mudskippers inhabiting the island.

What To Do In Kukup Malaysia?

Kukup offers a lot of unspoiled natural beauty, it is not as lively or touristy as other islands in Malaysia but it is a good place to visit for the day or overnight if you want to explore the national park and more.

Here is our list of things to do on Kukup Island Malaysia.

Visit The National Park

Kukup Johor Island National Park is one of the widest uninhabited mangrove islands in the world. You can explore this national park and see the mangroves. It was a stretch of beautiful mangroves and the blue coastal area that surrounds it.

Kukup Johor National Park

The unspoiled natural beauty combined with the welcome locals who are more than happy to help is one of the reasons people visit Kukup regularly.

Go On A Culinary Tour

The culinary tour has become another popular attraction of Kukup Island in Malaysia. If cruising the island by boat, you can also enjoy a culinary tour in the rural area of ​​the Kelong area.

You can enjoy amazing seafood such as muscles, crabs, prawns, and fresh fish. There is a good variety of seafood restaurants that serve fresh local fish.

In addition to enjoying various delicious seafood served here, these restaurants are also cheap. You will be happy to enjoy it without the need to worry about the bill.

Board Walking Around The Kukup Island

In addition, you can take a boardwalk to enjoy the other side of Kukup Island. A boardwalk of 800 meters long will take you along the eastern region of Kukup Island.

To roam the eastern region of the island with a boardwalk of 800 meters, you need less than 1 hour. As you walk through the boardwalk, you will be able to see the native habitat of Kukup Island and the beautiful mangrove forest that covers the island.

Walk Around Pulau Kukup Island

Climb The Aery

You can also enjoy the scenery of Kukup Island by climbing the Aery. At the end of your boardwalking trip, you will find a 30-meter-tall tower. If you climb up the Aery, you can enjoy the views of the island.

Climb the Aery Kukup Malaysia

Stay Overnight On Kukup Island

Experience the real Kukup Island, can be experienced by spending a few nights there. There are a few options available that you can choose from. You can choose your type of accommodation, whether it is cheap or exclusive with a variety of facilities.

Stay Overnight on Kukup Island

Whether you need a place that is for the backpacker or exclusive and luxurious, all are available. You can book online all the accommodation through travel sites.

Go Shopping

It would be an incomplete trip when traveling to Kukup and not going shopping. You can go to the town center in the Kukup area to buy various souvenirs. Everything is very distinctive and original.

When To Visit Kukup Malaysia?

Kukup has a tropical climate, bringing year-round hot and wet weather to the island. Kukup has 2 seasons, a dry season, and a wet season.

The dry season is between November to March with temperatures averaging around 30°C to 35°C and at night can be around 29°C.

The wet season is from April to October with temperatures averaging around 25°C. It is also known as the rainy season especially between September and October when it can rain very heavily.

In summary, the best time to visit Kukup Malaysia is if you are looking for good sunny weather, then it’s the dry season between the months of December to February.

If you are looking for bargains on discount tours and hotels then the wet season is the best time to visit Kukup.

How To Get To Kukup Malaysia?

There is a decent selection of ways to get to Kukup. There is no airport in Kukup. The most popular way to get to Kukup is by bus. From Kukup you can organize a boat or tour to Kukup island.

Bus Services

Buses are available to take people to Kukup from all over Malaysia and Singapore.

Private Taxi

Private taxis are another great way to get to Kukup. Taxi rides are easily available from Johor Bahru, Melaka, and other towns around Malaysia.

The cost can vary depending on where you are traveling from and of course the driver.

Where Is Kukup Malaysia?

Kukup is a small fishing village located in Pontian District, Johor, in Peninsular Malaysia on its southwest coast.

Kukup Malaysia Map Location

Wrapping Up

Finally, as you see there is a decent range of things to do in Kukup Malaysia that will keep you busy for a couple of days. You can go on a culinary tour to explore the island’s national park and more. Kukup doesn’t have any real nightlife, so don’t expect anything wild.

And that’s it for now! I’d love to know if this guide on the things to do in Kukup Malaysia has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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