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Tips On What To Do To Avoid Getting Pickpocketed

Tips On What To Do To Avoid Getting Pickpocketed

Everyone wishes for the perfect holiday when they are abroad. But, things happen. While traveling, people can experience the bad things like getting sick due to extreme weather, having flight delay, or being pickpocketed.

The last one commonly happens especially when you are walking into a crowded area. There are many things that you can do to prevent yourself from getting pickpocketed.

Beware of The Common Pickpocket Scams

There are many pickpocketing tricks that you should notice. The most common tactic used by pickpockets is the bump and lift. Therefore, if you feel someone make a physical contact with you (bump), quickly check your belongings.

Pickpockets Warning Sign
Pickpocket Warning Sign

Another popular scam is called the clean up. It happens when for example someone spills something (a glass of coffee) on you. Then, they will offer a help to clean it up and while they are doing so, they take something from your pocket. That is why if that happens (someone spilling something), don’t let him or her help to clean up.

You should also be careful with people who act like they are in need of help. For example, when someone is approaching, bringing a map and ask you to read the map for direction, he may be just pretending.

The actual intention is to take something out of your bag or pocket while you are helping him the map. The action can be performed by more than one person. For instance, one person may ask you to take him a photo and his friend can take your wallet or belongings while you are taking the photo.

How To Prevent Pickpocketing

You cannot stop someone been a pickpocket. It is even considered as a profession. But you can do something to prevent been a victim of pickpocket.

First of all, try not to look like a tourist. Most of the time, pickpockets don’t randomly choose their victims. You are likely to get pickpocketed if you are spotted bringing expensive camera and a branded bag, for example.

Research some information and learn about the locals and try to dress up like them instead of standing out as a tourist. The point is to avoid flashy and fancy appearance. Don’t wear jewelry and expensive watch because these pieces attract pickpocketing.

Furthermore, avoid using a large map because it tells people that you are obviously a tourist. You can plan ahead your travel so you won’t need a map.

How to Keep Your Valuables

The most common things that pickpockets take from their victims is money and phones. Imagine how miserable your travel will be when you lose all of your money and credit cards in a place far away from home with no people you know.

There are many ways to protect your money while traveling. One of the safest ways is to use a sweatband with a pocket going around your leg.

Alternatively, you can wear a specialized backpacks made with pickpocketing-proof design. Not only does it have some safety features, it is also large enough to keep all off your belongings.

What To Do If You Do Get Pickpocketed

There’s a chance you’ll still get pickpocketed even been the most careful person. So what do you if it happens to you?

  • Report it to the local police and take a copy of the police report.
  • Inform you bank and credit card company.
  • Make a copy of your passport and ID’s before you leave and store it online some where that you will be able to access it from abroad. Useful if your passport or ID’s get stolen.

Wrapping Up

Finally, traveling is something to enjoy but it has its risks such as been pickpocket that can ruin any holiday. But by simply beenalert and assertive and not looking like a tourist the likelihood of been pickpocketed is reduced considerably.

And that’s it for now! I’d love if this post on tips on what to do to avoid getting pickpocketed was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions and if there is anymore tips to avoid been pickpocketed by leaving a comment.

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Tips On What To Do To Avoid Getting Pickpocketed

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