Amazing Things To Do in Saigon Vietnam That You Should Try

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Saigon also known as Ho Chi Minh city and is the biggest city in Vietnam and has become a popular tourist spot in Vietnam. It is also known as a city with thousands of motorcycles. Certainly, Saigon has a lot of attractions that are worth visiting during your visit.

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Quick Information on Vietnam

  • Currency: Vietnamese Dong
  • Language: Vietnamese
  • Population: Over 92 million
  • Capital City: Hanoi
  • Best time to visit Vietnam: Visit north Vietnam regions is between March and May and from September to November Between. And south Vietnam regions is between December and April.
  • How to get there: You can enter by land through Cambodia, Laos, and China. Or fly into Vietnam as there are flights to most major cities in Vietnam.

Things To Do in Saigon Vietnam

If you are lucky enough to be visiting Saigon, there are so many wonderful things to do in Saigon Vietnam. So, what are things to do in Saigon during your visit?

Here are several things to do in Saigon that you should not miss.

Explore The Underground Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels is an underground tunnel in Ho Chi Minh City, located in Cu Chi District. It takes 1 hour by Bus to head to Cu Chi Tunnels.

Cu Chi Tunnels has a length of about 121 km, formerly used as a hideout for the Viet Kong soldiers during the war.

But, now Cu Chi Tunnels has been used as a war memorial park as well as a tourist hotspot.

Visit The Reunification Palace

The Reunification Palace or Independence Palace is a building that was once used as a residence for the presidency of southern Vietnam at the time before it was united.

independence palace saigon
Independence Palace Saigon

The hallmark of the presidential palace in general is a vast expanse of green grass in front of the Reunification Palace and it also is arranged very neat and clean.

Visit The War Remnant Museum

War Remnant Museum has various relics of the Indo-Chinese war in which at that time Vietnam faced with French colonial.

Tank used in the Vietnam war
Tank used in the Vietnam War

The items on display at War Remnant Museum include American war equipment (jets, helicopters, and tanks), documentation of cruelty and torture during a war that looks a bit dreadful but makes you curious.

War Remnant Museum is open daily from 07.30-17.00 and it is located at 28 Vo Van Tanh Street, District 3.

Enjoy The View of Ho Chi Minh City Hall

It is located at the end of Nguyen Hue Street. The building originally called Hotel de Ville Saigon was built-in 1902-1908 during the French colonization.

You are recommended to visit City Hall at night because the lights on the outside of the building are turned on.

Ho Chi Minh City Hall Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City Hall Vietnam

And the effects of the illumination of light are very interesting at night. Unfortunately, you cannot enter the City Hall because this place is not open to the public, so you just enjoy the outside of City Hall only.

Shop At The Ben Thanh Market

It is also known as Cho Ben Thanh as the biggest and the oldest market in Saigon. It was first built-in the 17th century.

Been located in District 1 and has a clock tower as its characteristic over the entrance.

Visitors to this market can buy local handicrafts, souvenirs, clothes, and local culinary.

Before you leave Ben Thanh Market, you must visit this market and do not forget to bargain to get cheaper prices anyway.

Visit Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon was completed in 1880. It has two bell towers, reaching a height of 58 meters (190 feet).

Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon
Notre Dame Cathedral

This is a beautiful building with the statue of Virgin Mary outside the cathedral. You can walk inside which is nice and free of charge. It is also a great place for photos.

Party On Bui Vien Street

Bui Vien Street is also known as the backpacker street. Bui Vien street is a street concentrated with clubs, restaurants, and bars. You will find cheap beer, food, good music, and things can go crazy here at night.

Here you can party the night away and enjoy all sorts of drinks on offer while also enjoying the street food on offer.

You need to be careful of your belongings as a few pickpockets are always looking for opportunities.

Take A River Cruise

The Saigon River cutting through Saigon offers a great opportunity to see the city from the river.

Take A River Cruise
Take A River Cruise

You can go on a short dinner cruise at night or a longer trip down to the Mekong Delta. It is definitely a great way to see the city.

Where To Stay In Saigon Vietnam

Saigon has a good supply of guest houses, hostels, and hotels. Here are a few places to give you an idea of what is available if you are planning to visit Saigon Vietnam.

Remember to check the reviews and book a place that suits your interests while traveling.

Vintage Hostel Saigon
Rating 7.8, Bed in 8-Bed Mixed Dormitory starts from $12

Vintage Hostel Saigon offers each dormitory room has with pillows, privacy curtains, and clean linens. Free WiFi access is available

A personal locker with a magnetic card key and fresh towel are also provided. Guests have access to a shared bathroom with shower facilities.

Grand Silverland Hotel & Spa
Rating 8.9, Standard Double Room starts from $95

Grand Silverland Hotel & Spa offers air-conditioned rooms with a flat-screen TV and free tea/coffee making facilities. Some rooms overlook the city. En suite bathrooms come with a bathtub and shower. Free WiFi access is available

Golden Central Hotel Saigon
Rating 7.7, Standard Double Room starts from $88

Air-conditioned rooms at Hotel Golden Central come with cable TV, an outdoor pool, and a safe. Private bathrooms are well-equipped with a bathtub and bathrobes. Free WiFi access is available

Wrapping Up

Finally, Saigon is a beautiful and vibrant city we recommend that you take the time to visit Saigon. Whether you are interested in exploring the war Museums or underground Cu Chi tunnels.

Just choose what you want to do and start enjoying what Saigon has to offer.

And that’s it for now! I’d love to know if this guide on the things to do in Saigon Vietnam has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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