Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. It is often referred to as KL and is the cultural, financial, and economic center of Malaysia. KL is located near the central west coast of Peninsular Malaysia with a population of around 8 million. What are the best things to do in Kuala Lumpur?

Kuala Lumpur attracts visitors from all over the world and can cater to any type of traveler whether they are a budget traveler or luxury traveler. In Kuala Lumpur, you can enjoy shopping, seeing Petronas Towers, amazing nightlife, and much more to do that will keep you busy for a few days.

In this post, we will go through things to do in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Let’s get started!


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Is It Worth Visiting Kuala Lumpur?

Kuala Lumpur is worth visiting especially if you enjoy exploring places like the famous Petronas Towers, shopping, and nightlife. The local food is amazing in Kuala Lumpur offers an amazing variety, cheap and good.

Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is located near the central west coast of Peninsular Malaysia and it is the capital city of Malaysia. There are fun things to do in Kuala Lumpur that will keep you busy for a few days.

Here is our list of things to do in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Visit Batu Caves

One of the most famous tourist spots in KL is Batu Caves. It is located 13 km on the north side of the city. Simply put it is a temple inside a cave. This temple is the most popular Hindu temple situated outside India, dedicated to one of the Hindu gods, Murugan.

In order to reach the temple, you have to take the stairs which have more than 270 steps. There is a statue of the Murugan god which is the highest in the world. Once you reach the top of the stairs the main temple of Murugan is inside the cave and this involves more steps inside the cave.

The statue is popular for taking photos with it in the background. Visitors also like to take photos with hundreds of pigeons flying around the site and monkeys you meet as you walk up the stairs.

Explore The Historical Sites

If you like visiting historical sites, you should visit Merdeka Square. It is located right in the city center. It has important historical value for Malaysians because this is the place where the independence ceremony of the country was held 60 years ago.

Merdeka Square in Malaysia

Around Merdeka Square are many historical buildings. Such as.

  • Royal Selangor Club Complex.
  • Sultan Abdul Samad Building.
  • National History Museum.
  • St. Mary’s Cathedral.

All of them make the place look like an old city.

Visit The Mosques

Talking about exceptional buildings in KL, this city has a lot of mosques that are one-of-a-kind designs. Here the mosques are not only places for praying but they are also open to tourists who want to enjoy the unique architecture of the mosques.

Jamek Mosque in Malaysia

Some of the most popular ones are.

  • Jamek Mosque.
  • National Mosque of Malaysia.
  • Federal Territory Mosque Kuala Lumpur.

Female tourists who visit the mosques are obliged to wear loose and long clothes.

Visit Petronas Tower

Another must-visited destination is Twin Tower or Petronas Tower which is located in the KLCC area. KLCC itself is the biggest shopping center in Kuala Lumpur. If you go to Kuala Lumpur but you don’t take photos of the background of the tower, your visit is not complete.

The Twin Towers is the main icon of Kuala Lumpur if not Malaysia. The best time to visit Petronas Tower is from the late afternoon to the evening so you can enjoy the view of the tower with the lights as it gets dark.

Many people say that the tower looks more stunning in the evening because of the flickering lights. Around 7 in the evening, there is a dancing fountain show in front of the tower that you can enjoy.

There is an Aquaria KLCC. It is a great place for visitors with children. Inside the giant aquarium, you can see many types of fish in various sizes. It is open from 10 am in the morning to 8 pm in the evening every day, including on national holidays.

Try The Local Food

Kuala Lumpur is heaven for food lovers. There are many places that serve unique cuisine that’s worth trying. The most famous one is the Nasi Lemak. Nasi Lemak is cooked with pandan leaf and coconut milk served with chicken or meat, and spicy sambal, of course. This food is available everywhere in the city.

Nasi Lemak Dish

KL is also popular for its street food. You can go to Petaling Street Night Market. Here, you can enjoy Malaysian typical food. There are lots of lanterns at this particular night market, adding an oriental vibe.

The best time to go to this place is after 4 pm when hundreds of food stalls start to open. Most of the food served here is Chinese food. Another similar place is Alor Street. You must visit both of them.

Go Shopping

Kuala Lumpur is also a paradise for shoppers. This city has many state-of-the-art malls where you can find everything from fashion to electronics. There are also food courts with various food options. One of the popular shopping malls in KL is the Pavilion shopping mall.

Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur

In front of the mall, there is a giant Sphinx statue. The whole of the mall is designed in Egypt concept. Another well-known mall is Suria KLCC. It is located right under the Twin Tower.

It is where to go when you want to shop for branded items like Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga, and many others. In addition to the malls, there are still many other places where shoppers can go. Central Market is one of them.

Central Market in Kuala Lumpur

There, you can buy souvenirs. The stuff sold there can vary from sandals, to ethnic clothes, and many others. In the market, visitors can bargain with the items they want to buy.

Not far from Central Market, there is Kasturi Walk which sells similar items as in the Central Market. Both places offer cheap prices for the items they sell.

How To Get Around Kuala Lumpur?

You don’t need to worry about transportation in KL as there are many options of public transport that can take you anywhere throughout the city. The most efficient and cheapest way is to use MRT.

The MRT has many stations. For first-timers, it is advised to learn about the routes as it may be a bit confusing at first. But as you get familiar with the routes, traveling by the express train is also very convenient.

Taxis should be the last option because they are expensive and not as fast as the train. Using Grab is a good option and better than taxis. The bus is a cheaper option but it is usually very crowded.

Wrapping Up

Finally, Kuala Lumpur is a great place to visit especially if you enjoy exploring places like the famous Petronas Tower and seeing old colonial buildings. You can also enjoy shopping and the amazing variety of local food available across the city and a good price.

And that’s it for now! I’d love to know if this guide on the things to do in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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