Things to Do on Koh Chang Thailand

Fun Things To Do On Koh Chang Thailand You Should Try

Koh Chang is also known as Elephant Island that is a beautiful island to visit. Koh Chang is located in southeast east of Thailand and it will take about 5 hours to get to Koh Chang from Bangkok.

Checkout our travel tips before going to Thailand and fun things to do on Koh Samet.

If you want to planning your holiday and plan to visit Koh Chang Thailand that offers a lot of beautiful landmarks and activities.

Quick Information on Thailand

  • Currency: Thai Baht
  • Language: Thai
  • Population: Over 68 million
  • Capital City: Bangkok
  • Best time to visit Thailand: Visit Northern Thailand is between November to February with temperature rises up to 33 degrees. And southern Thailand is between November and March.
  • How to get there: You can enter by land or Sea through Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia. Or fly into Thailand as there are flights to most major cities in Thailand.

A Brief Information About Koh Chang

Koh Chang is a small island that has a shape of an elephant and is one of the national parks in Thailand. This island is also surrounded by more than 40 small islands.

Koh Chang has its own charm for visitors because of its beautiful tranquil nature.

Koh Chang is not like other tourist islands that have a lot of hotels and resorts but you will only find mountains, beautiful beaches and waterfalls.

Things To Do in Koh Chang

Of course, when you choose Koh Chang to visit, then you must learn what things to do in Koh Chang.

Here are a few fun things to do in Koh Chang during your visit.

Visit Some Beautiful Beaches

Not all of the beautiful beaches are located in the southern part of Thailand but Koh Chang also has some beautiful beaches.

Lonely beach in Koh Chang
Lonely beach in Koh Chang

The first beach that you can visit is White Sand Beach. You can also enjoy some typical Thai food in restaurants that you will find there. Overall, White Sand Beach is really amazing with its clean and white sand as the name given.

Another beach that you may visit is Klong Prao Beach if you want to enjoy a lonely beach that is not too crowded.

Explore Koh Chang Sea

You can rent a boat to visit the other small islands within the national park that also looks so beautiful and harmonious.

Koh Chang is not the only place to enjoy your trip but you can explore the entire small islands around the big island.

You can find and rent some boats at White Sand beach, Klong Prao beach, Bang Bao beach and Kai Bae.

See Historical Diving Sites

Koh Chang was a strategic area during Indo-China war and it became the main war between France Armies and Thai Armies.

Songkhla and Chonburi are two ships located at Ao Salak Phet sea and become two great landmarks for diving. If you really like diving, then this can be your best time to dive.

Or if you do not want to dive, you can choose snorkeling around the Koh Chang beaches to see a wide variety of sea species.

After seeing the diving spot, you can continue to visit the Battle of Koh Chang monument to know more the history of this island.

Go Trekking

For trekkers, Koh Chang is a great trekking spot. Thus, when you want to find a trekking spot, Koh Chang is the best place to visit.

Even though most of the forests in this island are still untouchable but this area will be a great place to join trekking in order to explore the island deeply.

Enjoy The Amazing Waterfall

In addition to beaches, Koh Chang is also popular for its waterfalls. Inside the tropical forest of Koh Chang, you can find so many waterfalls that will make your holiday perfect.

Than Mayom Falls in Koh Chang
Than Mayom Falls in Koh Chang

One of the waterfalls that you must visit and see is Than Mayom. This waterfall has four levels and it really looks spectacular. Two Thai kings even crafted their names on the top of this waterfall cliff.

Instead of Than Mayom, you can also visit Klong Phlu that belongs to a tree levels waterfall and it is also very beautiful.

Ride Elephants For Fun

Thailand is really popular for its elephants, so you can also ride an elephant when visiting Koh Chang.

An elephant is also a good transportation if you want to explore the deep forest on the island just in case you want to know more about the beauty offered while riding an elephant.

But, you are no need to worry because you will be guided by a special guide that will ensure your safety.

Experience Real Traditional Community Life

The last thing to do that you must not miss is to visit some villages where the local people live on the island. Since this island is isolated, the Koh Chang people have own traditionally lifestyle that really seems so interesting.

You can see some people who work as fishermen where their homes are built on the water which are connected with bridges. Kok Salak is a village that still maintains their traditional life.

Where To Stay On Koh Chang Thailand

Koh Chang has a reasonably variety of guest houses, hostels and hotels. Here are a few places to check out and give you an idea of what is available in Koh Chang if you are planning to visit Koh Chang Thailand.

Remember to check the reviews and book a place that suits you interests while traveling.

Klong Prao Resort
Rating 8.5, Prices start from $42 for Double room

Klong Prao Resort offers an outdoor pool and rooms with balconies. Free WiFi is available. Rooms feature views of the sea or garden, and are equipped with satellite TV.

Baan Rim Nam
Rating 9.2, Prices start from $29 for Double room

Baan Rim Nam offers air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi. A 3-minute walk from Klong Prao beach. Rooms are furnished with traditional decor.

Serenity Resort Koh Chang
Rating 9.2, Prices start from $39 for Double room

Serenity Resort Koh Chang offers a communal pool that overlooks the sea, with free WiFi available. Offers a selection between cosy bungalows and private villas, all units include a seating area, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

Wrapping Up

Finally, when you visit Koh Chang in Thailand, you will notice it’s a great destination and that you will never worry about things to do on Koh Chang.

Just, sit back and enjoy the golden beaches and the natural beauty of Koh Chang. You can enjoy the local food and enjoy the sunset as well as the beach.

And that’s it for now! I’d love to know if this guide on the things to do in Koh Chang Thailand has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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  1. Nice and detailed post! I definitely can recommend the snorkeling and diving trips as well, they have been amazing on koh chang.

    Don`t forget about the mangroves boardwalks, they are beautiful.


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