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Kep in Cambodia is a recently formed province that was created in late 2008. Also, it is the smallest province in Cambodia with a population of over 42,000. Kep town is the capital of Kep province. Kep town is a small coastal town with surprisingly quiet beaches to relax on.

There is a good range of things to do in Kep from exploring the countryside, enjoying the local food, and enjoy the beaches. Back when the French ruled Cambodia, Kep was a popular resort coastal town. But when the Khmer Rouge got into power that destroyed Kep as a resort town.

In this post, we will go through things to do in Kep Cambodia. So let’s get started!

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Things To Do in Kep Cambodia

Kep is a small province as well as being a small town in Cambodia that is surrounded by beautiful scenery. There are fun things to do in Kep that will keep you busy for a couple of days.

Here is our list of things to do in Kep Cambodia.

Visit Kep National Park

The Kep National park was established in 1993 and spread across an area of 66-square km. It includes 8 km of tracks and trails around a small mountain range. And there is the sea view you can enjoy.

Kep National Park in Cambodia

The 8km trails are about 8 km and are not too challenging assuming you are reasonably fit but bring plenty of water. The trail goes through the jungle which has amazing views at some points. There is a chance you might see monkeys, squirrels, and birds!

There is an entry fee of $1 to enter the park.

Enjoy Kep Beach

Cambodia is not famous for its beaches but this beach is a nice place to relax and enjoy the beautiful sunsets. This beach is as good as it can get from that point of view. The locals especially in the evening and on weekends eat and drink along the seafront creating a nice atmosphere.

There are a few restaurants in the area and there is a lot of street sellers serving delicious local food. It can be quite busy during the weekends but is somewhat deserted during the week.

Keeping in mind there is always some form of trash in the ocean everywhere in Cambodia, this beach can appear to have a lot of trash and the water can also be dirty.

Visit Phnom Kampong Trach Cave

At the bottom of Kampong Trach Mountain, there is the Kampong Trach Cave. This is a place of worship for the local people with a temple inside the cave. The caves have a nice limestone formation with Buddhist shrines dotted around the caves.

You will also see bats hanging around. The trip to the cave can be a bumpy ride but is enjoyable. You may need a tour guide to help to navigate the caves and explain the different places of the cave along the way.

Bring plenty of water and some food. Also, expect to get a little dirty and wear non-slip shoes.

See The Giant Crab Statue

This oversized statue is placed in the middle of the ocean, with the words “Welcome to Kep” written on it. The reason there is a crab statue is that Kep is well-known for crab fishing. If you like crab then Kep is famous for cheap and tasty crabs.

Giant Crab Statue in Kep Cambodia

All throughout Kep, you will find restaurants and diners specialized in serving thing types of crab. It would not be wrong to suggest that Kep can be called the crab capital of the world. If you love crabs, then you got to be here.

Enjoy Wat-Samathi Pagoda

This pagoda is located on a hill overlooking Kep. The wonderful views of the sea and surrounding hills can make the walk up the hill to the temple worth it. It is a short walk using two long staircases. That lead up to the pagoda.

At the pagoda there is a terrace that is surrounding the pagoda, this does offer amazing views of the hillside and the coastal views.

Visit The Bustling-Crab Market

If you are a foodie and enjoy eating seafood especially crab, then the crab market would be nothing short of heaven for you. There is a huge range of fish been sold here and of course, there are crab been sold here also.

Crab Market in Kep Cambodia

You will be surprised to see all the types of crabs available here at the crab market. There are options available for purchasing the crabs in the market and getting them cooked in a nearby deli. The market also sells locally grown food and spices not only seafood.

Island Hop To Serene Rabbit Island

This is an island 4 km south of Kep and can be reached via a ferry from the port. It is a nice day out where you can relax. You will enjoy the boat ride to the island and the fact it is nice to get away from the city where you can enjoy the island life for a day.

Rabbit Island in Kep Cambodia

The food on the island is undoubtedly fresh as the catch especially of crabs is caught directly from the local sea. Don’t be too surprised to see the waiter, go to the nearby beach, and catch the crabs for the dish you just ordered a few minutes back.

Also, be wary of the starfish, if you are interested in going for a swim.

Enjoy The Sunset From Wat-Samot Reangsey

Wat-Samot Reangsey is a famous pagoda in Kep. It is a historical site, with many ancient buildings and small pagodas, making this place a spiritual treat. You can enjoy the beauty of nature and the tranquillity of Buddhist spirituality at this temple.

If you are lucky you can enjoy the sunset view which can be breathtaking. This temple can be easily reached by bike or tuk-tuk.

See Sela Cham P’dey Statue

This statue Sela Cham P’dey literally means Mrs. Stone. It is believed that this woman waited for her beloved husband to return. She waited so long in pain and sorrows that her body turned into stone. This is a popular attraction with visitors to Kep and is a popular place for taking pictures.

Sela Cham P’dey Statue

Visit Kep Butterfly Garden

This is home to countless butterflies that live in the region. The flower-filled garden is well-maintained. Kep is blessed with butterflies. You can enjoy the many shapes and colors of butterflies you will see here. You can cycle, bike, or hike to the Butterfly Garden from the National Park.

Kep Butterfly Farm

Where To Stay In Kep Cambodia

Kep has a decent supply of guest houses, hostels, and hotels. Here are a few places to check out and give you an idea of what is available in Kep Cambodia.

Remember to check the reviews and book a place that suits your interests while traveling.

Raingsey Bungalow
Rating 9.0, Standard King Bungalow starts from $35

Raingsey Bungalow offers an outdoor pool, a restaurant, and air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi.

Bungalows have large windows and a private terrace that opens out to the greenery. They are fitted with a desk, a flat-screen TV and an en suite bathroom.

Casa Kep
Rating 9.1, Standard Double Room starts from $25

Rooms are cooled with either a fan or air conditioning. They feature either an en suite or private bathroom with hot or cold shower facilities and provide towels.

Wrapping Up

Finally, today Kep is starting to recover as a popular resort town from the Khmer Rouge era. Kep is a nice coastal town to relax for a few days on the beach as well as exploring the countryside, enjoying the local food, and exploring the town. But it is not really a party town.

And that’s it for now! I’d love to know if this guide on the things to do in Kep Cambodia has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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