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Denpasar is the capital of Bali and is only 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai international airport. The city was roughly a population of over 897,000 people. Denpasar is not as popular as other destinations such as Ubud and Canggu but there is a good range of things to do in Denpasar.

If you visit Denpasar you can enjoy the white sandy beach of Sanur beach which has calmer waters making it good for swimming, sunbathing or kitesurfing. You can also explore the local markets and restaurants or just go shopping. The nightlife is not too busy or wild but decent if you want a few quiet drinks and watch the sunset.

In this post, we will go through things to do in Denpasar Bali. So let’s get started!

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Is Denpasar Worth Visiting?

Denpasar is not a place tourists to Bali generally stay as other destinations such as Seminyak or Ubud is where tourists tend to visit. Simply Denpasar is not promoted as a tourist destination but it is a city with plenty to see and do from temples, beaches, local markets, and try the local food.

Things To Do In Denpasar Bali

Denpasar is the capital city of Bali but visitors to Bali generally don’t stay in Denpasar as it is not as popular as other places in Bali. There are wonderful things to do in Denpasar that will keep you busy for a few days.

Here is our list of things to do in Denpasar Bali.

Explore Shark Island

This is a must-visit place for those who enjoy seeing marine life. From its name, you can tell it is filled with sharks. At Shark Island, visitors can safely interact with the sharks. It is for all ages primarily for kids. If you travel with your family this place should not be missed.

Shark Island Denpasar Bali

There is a 3-hour tour that visitors join. And there are activities you can do during the tour such as feeding sharks, visiting the turtle conservation nearby, and going swimming with the sharks. There is also an education center that is useful for kids.

More importantly, all of the activities are safe to do even for visitors who cannot swim. You can get more information from their website here.

Visit The Local Markets

One thing you are guaranteed to find in Southeast Asia is the local markets and Bali is no exception. Some are big and small but you can find some hidden delights. They generally sell local food, handicrafts, clothes, souvenirs, and much more.

In Denpasar, there are 2 main markets worth a visit.

  • Badung Market.
  • Sindhu Market.

Explore Badung Market

Although the Badung market is not as popular as it was many years ago, many people who go to Denpasar usually visit this market. Badung Market is not only the biggest in Denpasar but also in Bali.

Market in Bali

The badung market sells fruits, fabrics, clothes, and curios such as carvings, kites, incense, and more. Producers from around Bali bring their fresh fruits and veggies to this market.

The good thing is that they are relatively cheaper than those sold in Seminyak, Kuta, or any other place. Of course, you need to have bargaining skills to get a cheaper price.

Visit Sindhu Market

This is a small but very friendly market and is open in the evenings almost every day of the year. It offers excellent food options cooked right in front of you.

If you are looking for more authentic Indonesian food without the restaurant prices then go where the locals go and eat what the locals eat, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Explore Bajra Sandhi Monument

This monument is probably not the top site in Bali but it is worth visiting when you are in Denpasar. It is located right in the hub of Denpasar. You can admire the architectural design of the monument because it has some unique characteristics.

Bajra Sandhi Monument Denpasar Bali

It preserves the cultural value of Bali. The monument was built thirty years ago in 1987. Visitors can learn about the history, spirit, and journey of Balinese people in the past through more than thirty dioramas showing historical stories.

It offers visitors complete facilities such as large parking areas, clean public toilets, food stalls, and shuttle buses.

Visit The Provincial State Museum

These days probably not so many visitors are too interested in visiting museums because most of them think that these places are boring. This is not always the case.

The Bali Provincial Public State Museum which is located in the heart of Denpasar is great to learn about the local culture, history, and traditions.

Bali Provincial State Museum in Denpasar Bali

There are about 10 million public displays exhibited. The architectural design of the building has beautiful stone carvings reflecting Balinese history adorning the museum.

Outside the museum, there is a tropical garden decorated with statues where visitors can take a short walk.

Enjoy Food At Jebak

Jebak stands for Jejak Bali Kuliner. The was designed to be like a food court in a mall. There are over 200 food and snack vendors offering various dishes. Whether you are looking for local Balinese cuisine or modern foods, you can always get what you want here.

Every evening, there is a live music performance that adds to a relaxing and vibrant atmosphere. If you are really a food lover, you should definitely list this place in your itinerary.

Visit Sanur Beach

The Sanur beach promenade is a great place to wander along, as it goes on for miles. Along the promenade, there are restaurants and bars, that are great for stopping into. The Beach itself is well-maintained and the pathways well-tended.

Also, the sunrise is really worth seeing. The sun rises around 6 am.

Sanur Beach Sunrise

Go Scuba Diving

Bali is a great spot to go diving for both novice and experienced divers. There are loads of dive sites around the island so there’s still a lot to explore underwater.

You can do your Open Water certification and go on fun dives, there is plenty of diving operators. Many divers will see sharks and sea turtles.

Shop At Level 21 Mall

Going to a mall is probably not one of the top things to do in Denpasar while you are visiting Bali. However, sometimes traveling can be tiring. You might want to take a little break by hanging out in a mall. There are malls in Denpasar. The most popular one is Level 21 Mall.

Level 21 Mall in Denpasar Bali

You can easily find this iconic mall because the location is very strategic. The tenants available there are perhaps not really different from the ones in other malls.

There is Cinema XXI, JCO Donuts and Coffee, Timezone, and many more.

Wrapping Up

Finally, Denpasar is not as popular as other places around Bali but if you want something less touristy and crowded, the city is a great spot to visit. There is plenty to do from relaxing on the beach, enjoying the sunset, visiting the local markets, and more to keep you busy for a few days.

And that’s it for now! I’d love to know if this guide on the things to do in Denpasar Bali has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if you go.

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Things To Do In Denpasar Bali
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