Battambang is a major city in Northwestern Cambodia that is located along the Sangkae River. In the last few years, the city has been developing at a fast rate making it one of the fastest-growing cities in Cambodia.

People visit Battambang for a variety of reasons such as taking a trip on the bamboo train, there are historic sites in the area, and the chance to experience rural life. There is plenty of exploring to do in Battambang that will keep you busy for a few days.

In this post, we will go through things to do in Battambang Cambodia. So let’s get started!

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Where Is Battambang Cambodia?

Battambang is in the northwest of Cambodia. It is located at 13.1 latitudes and 103.2 longitudes.

Battambang Cambodia on the Map

Is Battambang Worth Visiting?

It really depends on what you are interested in doing. If you are interested in nightlife, then No.

Yes, if you are interested in doing the touristy stuff like exploring the town where there are some great restaurants and architecture. Plus there is the bamboo train, the ancient house, and the killing fields to visit.

Things To Do In Battambang Cambodia

Battambang is the second-largest in Cambodia which is developing from a rural city to a more industrial city. There are fun things to do in Battambang that will keep you busy for a couple of days.

Here is our list of things to do in Battambang Cambodia.

Go On The Bamboo Train

This is considered one of Battambang’s popular tourist attractions. The bamboo trains are all so known as Norry. In the simplest terms, these trains are trains made from bamboo platforms and small motors that run on the train lines.

Bamboo Train in battambang

Traditionally used by locals to move cargo back when the roads were more difficult to use. The trains can run at speeds of up to 50 km/h (31 mph) on the meter gauge tracks around Battambang and Poipet.

It costs about $3 per person but they will try and charge more. Don’t pay more than $5 per person.

See Wat Ek Phnom

The template is located on the banks of the Sangkae River near the Peam Aek. About 13 km north of Battambang city.

Wat Ek Phnom Battambang

Also, Wat Ek Phnom is partly collapsed and was looted for its famous well-carved lintels and pediments.

Visit Wat Banan Temple

This 11th-century temple complex is considered a mini-Angkor wat. It has a huge flight of stairs, that leads up to a decaying Angkor-type temple which is still been used today as a Buddhist shrine.

Steep Stairs to Wat Banan Temple

It is a short drive from Battambang and you get to see the rural countryside and local life as you drive out. There are lovely rural views from the top. The entrance fee was $3.

Killing Caves Of Phnom Sampeau

The killing caves of Phnom Sampeau are a Khmer Rouge execution site on Phnom Sampeau, a hill 7 mi (11 km) southwest of Battambang in western Cambodia.

Skulls at the Killing caves of Phnom Sampeau

The Khmer Rouge killed their victims on top of the cave. And then threw the dead bodies into the cave. Men and women were thrown into separate caves.

There are several caves at Phnom Sampeau that have traditionally served as Buddhist temples.

Today, there is a large glass memorial in the cave next to the skulls and bones, and a golden reclining Buddha, which can be accessed easily via a staircase into the cave.

Visit Battambang Crocodile Farm

The crocodile farm is rather a breeding ground. They keep the older crocodiles for breeding and sell the baby ones to China and Vietnam for skin and meat.

The crocodiles are killed by injections and their crocodile skin is sold in the local markets.

Battambang Crocodile Farm

There is an entrance fee of $2 to see the crocodiles and learn about their breeding. You can also hold baby crocodiles in your hands but it costs extra.

When you come here you will get introduced to the day-to-day lifestyle and feeding patterns of the crocodiles.

Try The Free Cycling Tour

This tour involves cycling around the local villages where you meet with the locals.

And see how different products are manufactured like rice paper, rice alcohol, banana chips, fish paste, and sticky rice in bamboo.

All in all, it is a fantastic way to see the day-to-day lives of the local people.

See The Ta Dumbong Statue

The Ta Dumbong statue is located in the town center. The statue has an important significance for the locals. Daily, they offer gifts, flowers prayer, and food to this statue.

Ta Dumbong Statue

In the story of the statue is was a kid who threw a stick to overthrow a king. And the stick was lost forever. Hence the name of the town means “lost stick”.

Try to get photos from the base of the statue and also from across the street.

Explore White Elephant Pagoda

Wat Tahm-rai-saw otherwise known as the White Elephant Pagoda is one of the most visited tourist spots because it is in the city center area.

White Elephant Pagoda

Properly, the best time to visit the White Elephant Pagoda is when the Khmer New Year festival is on.

It is during this time that the temple and the adjacent streets are particularly decorated with various colorful accessories making it more beautiful.

Wrapping Up

Finally, as you as see there is a good range of things to do in Battambang Cambodia such as visiting the killing caves to visiting the local temples. All you have to do is to choose the stuff you prefer and start enjoying what Battambang has to offer.

And that’s it for now! I’d love to know if this guide on things to do in Battambang Cambodia has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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Things To Do in Battambang Cambodia