Things To Do in Subic Philippines You Don't Want to Miss Doing
Things To Do in Subic Philippines

Things To Do in Subic Philippines You Don’t Want to Miss Doing

Subic is a coastal district in the Philippines. With it been located northwest from Manila and is roughly a 4 hour drive from Manila has made it one of the top vacation spots.

Checkout our travel tips to Philippines and things to do in Cebu City before going.

It once was a former US Military base, today it is a popular dive site due to its shipwrecks and coral species. Subic offers sandy beaches, shopping, dining and adventure activities.

To the east, Subic Bay Freeport Zone features casinos and a golf course. Farther around the bay, theme parks include Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure.

What to do in Subic?

Here is our list on fun things to do in Coron Philippines.

El Coral Reef Dive Center

If you are into scuba diving or interested in learning to scuba dive. Then El Coral Reef Dive Center in Subic maybe of interest to you.

Subic Bay is full of diverse marine life, so you can see coral fish, shellfish, turtles, sharks, schools of tuna and much more. Subic Bay is also full of ship wrecks, that is great for diving around the wreck sites.

El Coral Reef Subic Philippines
El Coral Reef Subic Philippines

If you don’t know how to dive, you can take a PADI lesson at the Dive Center. Also you can do the advanced courses and wreck diving courses.

Go Wreck Diving

There are a large number of WWII wrecks around Subic Bay. This is more of a historical site. The wrecks range from US Navy ships to Japanese airplanes and ships.

Plane Wreck in Subic Bay
Plane Wreck in Subic Bay

What really makes Subic Bay Philippines a special place for wreck diving is that most of the wrecks fall within the recreational diving limits.

Which means visiting these fascinating worlds doesn’t require any special technical training.

Go On A Ocean Adventure

Ocean Adventure Park is where you will see dolphins, sea lions and seals. You can interact with these animals and they will perform in front of you. There is also feature shows and aquarium exhibits.

There is a 45-minute Swim Encounter, that will let you swim with the dolphins. Ocean Discovery Aquarium if you want to see coral reefs, caves, sea horses, sea snakes and many other exotic marine animals.

The Ocean Adventure Park is open between 9am to 6pm. Admission prices are below.

  • Adult – Php 788
  • Senior Citizen – Php 628
  • Children 12 years old and below – Php 628
  • Children under 30-inches – Free
  • Swim with Dolphins – Php 3,700 (for 8 years old and above)
  • Dolphin Beach Encounter – Php 2,400 (for 6 years old and above)
  • Dive with Dolphins – Php 4,250 (Includes diving gear. Please bring your Certification Card)
  • Family Dolphin Experience – Php 10,000 (rate for 4 pax) additional person rate – Php 2,500

JEST (Jungle Environment Survival Training)

JEST is a survive based program. The Jungle Environment Survival Training (JEST) Camp is the most famous and toughest survival school in the Philippines.

Since the 1960s, it has offered adventurous souls a chance to uncover their primitive instinct for survival through teaching them indigenous skills inside the mighty Jungle itself.

Graduates of JEST Camp receive recognised professional certifications which prepare students to be excellent naturalists, wilderness skills instructors, wildlife trackers and environmental field technicians.

They will show you how to identify safe and dangerous plants to eat and which ones to use as medicines, so you will know how to survive in the jungle without getting sick.

There are three levels for this training – the quick training, overnight experience, and the comprehensive 3-day program. The latter may not be suitable to those who are not in good shape.

The JEST Camp also includes a bird park, butterfly garden, a native restaurant, and a Subic Freeport view deck. If you’re not scared of heights, then you can try the Goliath Swing to swing you over a cliff.

Go Zoobic Safari

Zoobic Safari is no ordinary zoo. The safari is on 25-hectare amusement park. You can go zip lining, drive into a savannah, and see crocodiles.

You will see a diverse exotic animals roaming and frolicking in their natural habitats.

It has a wide range of habitats present in the forest due to the terrain, presence of streams and fringing grasslands.

Zoobic Safari has the following attractions to look forward

  • Zoobic Park is a two-hectare forest wherein guests will have a mini-trekking experience to see exotic, wild and semi-domesticated animals in their simulated natural habitat. Have the wonderful chance to pet and feed these wonderful animals – parakeets, bearcats, camels to name a few.
  • Savannah a sanctuary of the wild that features a wide range of ostriches, pot-bellied, wild boars, and guinea fowls.
  • Serpentarium Get inside an old ammunition bunker where you will see a showcase of various species of reptiles like snakes, lizards and turtles.
  • Rodent World Features an amazing collection of rodents. Be amazed in Mice Surprise area and you may even see some guinea pigs being groomed in the Rodent Salon.
  • Animal Museum A rare collection of real stuffed animals, bone collections and preserved animal skin.
  • Close Encounter A facility that allows one to take a close look at our Siberian-Bengal tigers only 2 feet away!
  • Tiger Safari a Hold on to your seats as you enter a two-hectare enclosed area aboard our customized Safari Jeep and experience the thrill of being chased by full-grown tigers on the loose!
  • Bird Walk Experience feeding the parakeets/love birds on the palm of your hand. Lovely!
  • Aetas’ Trail Have a glimpse of the beauty of our Native Aeta Brothers’ culture as they perform some of their traditional dances.
  • Croco loco Have the chance to feed our crocodiles! Just dangle a chicken tied to a bamboo pole and see how high they can jump to get your treat!

Go El Kabayo Stables

At El Kabayo Stables, you can take for horseback riding lessons or a guided ride through the forest to El Kabayo Falls. El Kabayo Stables is managed by Wildlife In Need, an NGO that specializes in animal care and welfare.

We operate the WIN Rescue Center, a haven for sick, injured, and confiscated wildlife of the forest.

El Kabayo Stables in Subic Bay
El Kabayo Stables in Subic Bay

Check out at

Visit the Mall and Duty Free

A good day out can be visiting the shopping mall. There are many shops to buy gifts, clothes or whatever you need.

And you can take the advantage of shopping in the Duty Free. If you aren’t into the shopping, you can just go to eat in the restaurants, have coffee, refreshments or ice cream.

Visit Olongapo Market

It’s always recommended to visit the Olongapo Public Market. And prices are very affordable. You will find all you need, especially food.

Where to stay in Subic Philippines

Subic is littered with guest houses, hostels, and hotels. Here are a few places to check out if you visit Subic Philippines.

Remember to check reviews and book a place that suits you interest while traveling.

White Rock Waterpark and Beach Hotel
Rating 6.0, Double Rooms start from $151

Offering an outdoor swimming pool, private restaurant and private beach area, the hotel also boasts an on-site waterpark. Free Wi-Fi access is available.

Rooms come with a tea/coffee-making facilities and a cable TV. The en suite bathrooms include a hairdryer.

Kamana Sanctuary Resort & Spa
Rating 7.4, Double Rooms start from $115

At the resort the rooms are fitted with a balcony with a sea view. Each room has a private bathroom with free toiletries.

All rooms in Kamana Sanctuary Resort & Spa are fitted with a flat-screen TV and a hairdryer. The accommodation offers an outdoor pool.

Subic Grand Seas Resort
Rating 7.0, Double Rooms start from $44

Subic Grand Seas Resort is situated in Olongapo, with free WiFi, this 3-star resort offers a 24-hour front desk. Free private parking is available on site. Come with a bar and restaurant.

Wrapping Up

Finally, there is so must to do in Subic Philippines with loads of resorts, restaurants, activities and bars to keep you busy. Subic is the place to go. It’s also the best place to avoid traffic and a quiet place to unwind.

And that’s it for now! I’d love to know if this guide on things to do in Subic Philippines has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if you go.

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Things To Do in Subic Philippines You Don't Want to Miss Doing

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