Secrets That You Shouldn't Know About Things To Do In Tra Vinh Vietnam

Secrets That You Shouldn’t Know About Things To Do In Tra Vinh Vietnam

Tra Vinh is a province in Vietnam that is located in the south of the country. It is a large province that also grown into a popular tourist destination. Do you plan to visit Vietnam this year?

Checkout our travel tips to Vietnam and out travel guide before going.

Well, you may want to visit Tra Vinh, which has a lot of exciting things to do. What are some of these fun things to do in Tra Vinh Vietnam? Perhaps, you can consider these following fun things to do during your visit to Tra Vinh Vietnam.

Visit Hang Pagoda as a Popular Temple

Hang Pagoda has become a popular attraction in Tra Vinh that offers a beautiful place for visitors. The Hang Pagoda belongs to a Buddhist pagoda that is built around the local people house complex.

Hang Pagoda Tra Vinh Vietnam
Hang Pagoda Tra Vinh Vietnam

You can see some beautiful trees that make this pagoda feels so peaceful and beautiful with some birds singing. There are also so many beautiful statues around the pagoda.

In addition, visitors may also enter the pagoda to see a big Buddhist statue that looks extraordinary.

Enjoy Your Lunch at a Local Restaurant

Your visit to Tra Vinh will be perfect if you also try some typical meals, especially when you visit Tra Vinh in Vietnam. There are so many delicious typical meals of Vietnam that you have never tried before.

One of the meals available in many restaurants in Tra Vinh is Bun Nuoc. It is a kind of delicious soup that consists of some ingredients. You may not know the taste unless you go to Tra Vinh and find a restaurant that sells this delicious typical meal.

Spend Your Day in Ao Ba Om

Ao Ba Om is a small lake that has become popular tourist spot. It is about 200 meters square it is also surrounded by beautiful trees. Ao Ba Om is not located in the middle of Tra Vinh city but you still access it easily by renting a bike.

Ao Ba Om in Tra Vinh Vietnam
Ao Ba Om in Tra Vinh Vietnam

Well, you will be amazed at its beautiful view. You can see a beautiful building in the middle of the lake. This is a great area for a picnic by the way.

Tour the City of Tra Vinh

It is undeniable that you can do a lot of things in Tra Vinh but you probably want to see the city of Tra Vinh closely. Why don’t you take your moment to tour the city? You can go by taxi or you can even rent a motorbike to ride it alone.

Most of the local people ride motorcycles going around there daily routine. So, it will be fun to join in them. You can even interact with the local people and tour the city all the day.

But, make sure that you always wear your sweater because the day may be a bit hot.

Visit Khu du lịch sinh thái Déjà Vu Huỳnh Kha

This is a beautiful place that you have to visit when you come to Tra Vinh because you can enjoy the beautiful area along with your friends and family. Well, this is actually a palace that offers unlimited beauty.

The palace is very large and there are so many beautiful trees that grow around the palace. Many visitors visit the palace when they want to spend their weekend.

You can see a white high building at the end of the street with some beautiful palm trees along the street. If you are curious, then you must visit this tourist spot.

Visit Khmer Minority People’s Museum

You probably want to know more about Khmer culture. Thus, Khmer Minority People’s Museum is the best place to visit. You can find so many beautiful artifacts of traditional Khmer culture along with some photos and costumes.

This museum may be your last spot when visiting Tra Vinh before you go back to your country. However, you still can find other excitements in this country just in case you still have one or two more days.

Enjoy the Beauty of Ba Dong Beach

Ba Dong Beach is a popular beach that is located in Tra Vinh. This beach is a long beach that has a really beautiful scenery. Ba dong beach does not have huge waves, so you can take your time to swim in the water.

Ba Dong Beach Vietnam
Ba Dong Beach Vietnam

You may also find resorts and hotels along the beach. The beach is still pure with its white sand that makes tourists attracted to visiting this amazing tourist spot.

Enjoy Your Night at Tra Vinh Night Market

You probably want to hunt some night dishes but you have no idea where to go in Tra Vinh. So, you may go to Tra Vinh Night Market that offers so many delicious night menus. The night market is where many local people enjoy their dinner after work.

You can try your favorite dishes such as cake, noodle soup, grilled meat and much more. This is a perfect place to spend your last days in Tra Vinh along with your family and friends before you move on.

Not only dishes can be got at the night market, you can also shop for souvenirs. Definitely worth a visit.

Where to Stay on Tra Vinh Vietnam

Tra Vinh has a limited supply of guest houses, hostels and hotels. Here are a few places to check out and give you an idea of what is available in Tra Vinh if you are planning to visit Tra Vinh Vietnam.

Remember to check the reviews and book a place that suits you interests while traveling.

Minh Ngoc Motel
Rating 7.0, Prices start from $10 for Double room

All rooms feature a flat-screen TV with cable channels and a private bathroom. Free WiFi available andAsian breakfast is available every morning at the motel.

Guests at Minh Ngoc Motel will be able to enjoy activities in and around Trà Vinh, like hiking.

Gia Hoa 2 Hotel
Rating 7.0, Prices start from $16 for Double room

Gia Hoa 2 Hotel is a 2-star property located in Trà Vinh. The rooms include a flat-screen TV with cable channels.At the hotel, the rooms have a balcony. Guest rooms come with a seating area.

Staff at the 24-hour front desk can assist with information about the area.

Wrapping Up

Finally, those are a few fun things to do in Tra Vinh Vietnam just in case you want some information about Tra Vinh. Once you visit Tra Vinh, you will feel amazed by this location.

You can find so many beautiful places, enjoy some typical meals and even tour the city of Tra Vinh itself. Don’t forget to buy some souvenirs before you return to your country.

And that’s it for now! I’d love to know if this guide on the things to do in Tra Vinh Vietnam has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if you visit Tra Vinh.

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Secrets That You Shouldn't Know About Things To Do In Tra Vinh Vietnam

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