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Visiting Singapore is not as popular with travelers compared with its neighbors like Malaysia or Thailand. Singapore is one of the most developed countries in the world. And often hosts popular events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Singapore Airshow, and more. What are the reasons not to visit Singapore?

These reasons range from Singapore being expensive, with the beaches being nothing special, Singapore being very strict on cleanliness, with chewing gum and strict laws on littering. There are reasons to go to Singapore such as the amazing architecture and food.

In this post, we will go through the reasons not to visit Singapore. Let’s get started!

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Reasons Not To Visit Singapore

Though Singapore is a wonderful country to visit there are a number of reasons not to go to Singapore. What I have listed below might seem cranky or over-critical but it is my option.

Now, this shouldn’t stop you from visiting Vietnam but it is nice to know. The reasons are as follows and are in no particular order.

  • No eating or drinking on public trains.
  • Do NOT litter or spit.
  • Chew gum is banned.
  • Expensive.
  • Hot and humid weather
  • Can get boring.

No Eating Or Drinking On Public Trains

Singapore has a strict set of rules around eating and drinking on public trains. The transport system is quite advanced but if you are caught eating or drinking on the train you will get a fine.

You can not blame them for being strict as it helps to keep the trains clean. And you don’t have to tolerate any food smells when strangers eat near you on public transport. If you are getting slightly unwell, it is alright to take a sip of water, just don’t take it too far.

Sentosa Island Beach

Do NOT Litter Or Spit

If you are caught and convicted of littering three times, you will have to clean the streets on Sundays with a bib on saying, “I am a litterer”.

Generally, you should not be littering or spitting especially if you are on a quest in another country but if caught expect a big fine as the government considered it a serious offense.

Chew Gum Is Banned

Chewing gum is banned in Singapore, except for those with a medical prescription. The reason for the ban is cleanliness, we have all seen and experienced footpaths with public chairs covered with chewing gum.

The streets and footpaths in Singapore are clean, so it is hard to argue with the ban.


Singapore is expensive, it is as expensive as western countries but considering who Singapore’s neighbors are, this can be a big issue for budget travelers and backpackers. For a lot of travelers to Singapore, it is normally a very short visit with it mostly a tick-a-box exercise just to say they were there.

If you put aside the price difference between Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia I think there would be a different attitude towards Singapore.

Changi Airport Singapore

Hot And Humid

Singapore is hot and can get very humid. The normal temperature of Singapore can range from around 25°C (77°F) to 33°C (92°F). The humidity can range from around 55 to 90% every day.

Remember to carry water around with you, you will appreciate it.

Can Get Boring

In reality, Singapore is a small city, and you can see most of the landmarks in a few days. And have tried the amazing local food in Chinatown and enjoyed Sentosa island. After 5 or 6 days there is not much else to do in Singapore.

There Are Reasons To Visit Singapore

I covered some of the negatives of going to Singapore and want to briefly cover reasons to visit Singapore. The reason to visit is as follows.

  • Food.
  • Amazing architecture.
  • Cleanliness.
  • Cultural diversity.


This really leads to a large cultural diversity, Singapore is often regarded as a foodie paradise. Singapore offers food from all over the world with an unbelievable range of restaurants.

These can be from fancy restaurants to small local restaurants in Chinatown as well as there are food street vendors.

Amazing Architecture

Singapore has an interesting mix of old and new buildings with a unique mix of architecture. You will see a lot of historical and cultural buildings mixed with stunning skyscrapers and attractions all over the place.

Singapore housing


Damn it is clean. Singapore is properly the cleanest city in the world, this is due to its strict rules, particularly on spitting and littering.

Also, there is a ban on chewing gum, considering the amount of chewing gum on footpaths in western cities. This chewing gum ban really helps.

Cultural Diversity

One thing that Singapore does not lack is diversity whether it is culturally or religiously. Singapore has an interesting history that is a mixture of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and European influences, which are all interconnected.

To really get an idea of this, Singapore has four official languages which are English, Tamil, Malay, and Mandarin. And they celebrate the national holidays of many different religions.

Wrapping Up

Finally, the reasons not to visit Singapore range from the city being expensive, the beaches are nothing special, Singapore is very strict on cleanliness, with chewing gum and strict laws on littering. There are reasons to go to Singapore such as the amazing architecture and food.

And that’s it for now! I’d love to know if this guide on the reasons not to visit Singapore has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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Reasons Not To Visit Singapore
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