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Malaysia is a wonderful country to visit for a variety of reasons. If it’s not to see the world-famous Petronas tower in Kuala Lumpur, to relax on the amazing beaches and islands, which are some of the best in the world.

International visitors to Malaysia have been increasing year on year because it’s no wonder with all its natural beauty, colonial towns, beaches, and street food are always going to be a major pull for any visitors. Malaysia is fairly safe for visitors to Malaysia but Malaysia has its own customs and little quirks.

In this post, we will go through Malaysia travel tips for the first time. Let’s get started!

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Malaysia Travel Tips

Malaysia has its own customs and little quirks. To make your visit to Malaysia more enjoyable and to avoid any misunderstanding or cultural challenges we have a few Malaysia travel tips that will help.

Here are a few Malaysia travel tips, that I wish I knew before visiting Malaysia.

The Climate is Hot and Humid

Malaysia is considered a tropical paradise due to its warm weather. The average temperature can be between 25ºC to 35ºC.

The rainy season on the west of the peninsula is normally between April to October. The rain lasts only for a short period.

The east coast has a heavier rainy season between November to February. During these rainy months, many of the beaches resorts close and re-open in March.

Based on this I would recommend going in the dry season, which is from April to September.

Do You Need To Tip

Malaysia is not a tipping country. You don’t have to tip and it is not expected. There normally is a 10% service charge in fancy restaurants and bars.

Malaysia Is A Muslim Country

Malaysia is predominantly a Muslim country. Roughly 60% of the country is Muslim.

With Malaysia being considered a Muslim country, everyone still has the right to practice whatever religion they want.

Remove Your Shoes

Remove your shoes before entering a Malaysian home, temple, or mosque.

Not only does it show respect but it’s also customary to remove and leave footwear outside the house, temple, or mosque.

Leave Your Shoes Outside if Entering Someones House

Dress Conservatively

If visiting a religious building such as a Buddha temple or mosque. Dress conservatively, so no shorts or hot pants, in other words, don’t show too much skin.

If a monk or nun enters, enter and stand up to show respect.

Dress For The Weather

Malaysia’s weather averages around 28ºC to 35ºC every day, all year round. Remember to wear light clothes.

Petty Crime Such As Pickpockets And Thief

Petty crime is a problem in Malaysia, especially in tourist areas. Beware of your personal belongings as theft and robbery are quite high.

Pickpockets Warning Sign

If you’re driving into Malaysia, then you might not want to wind down your windows on the highway because this might encourage motorcyclist robbers.

Get A Local SIM Card

You can buy a prepaid sim card with data plans at the airport. They are not expensive. Take an old or cheap smartphone with you to Malaysia.

Never Take a Cab / Taxi

Malaysian cab/taxi drivers have a bad reputation for not using the meter. If you need to use a taxi service for transport use Grab which is the local version of Uber.

Most Malaysians Speak English

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or help if you need it. Most Malaysians can speak English and are more than happy to help.

Don’t Drink Too Much

The cost of a single beer bottle is expensive and it is recommended that you don’t drink a lot in Malaysia as it is a Muslim-dominated state.

Beer in Malaysia

Don’t Do Drugs

Just don’t do drugs. If you are caught with drugs in Malaysia the punishment can be death by hanging.

Simply put if you are in possession of 1,000 gm or more opium (raw or prepared) or 200 gm or more cannabis or 40 gm or more cocaine will receive the mandatory sentence of death by hanging.

Avoid Drugs In Thailand

Punishment for lighter offenses can range from imprisonment, rehabilitation to fines depending on the number of drugs possessed, and the degree of the offense.

Pack Light, Travel Light

Excessive luggage can become a nightmare. Travel Ultralight by packing as minimum as you can. And you may buy stuff in Malaysia, but you’ll need space for it in your luggage.

Don’t Drink The Tap Water

Don’t drink the local tap water. This reduces your chances of getting sick while on your holidays. Here are a few things to bear in mind.

  1. Clean your teeth and toothbrush with bottled water.
  2. Remember to specify “No Ice” when ordering drinks at bars, hotels, or restaurants.

Visiting During Ramadan Isn’t A Problem

Ramadan is widely observed in Malaysia. Obviously with over 60% of the population being Muslim.

Non-Muslims aren’t expected to abstain from eating, drinking, or smoking in public during the month of fasting unlike such places like Dubai.

Wrapping Up

Finally, Malaysia has its own customs and little quirks that you should respect and something you should beware of before going to Malaysia. The Malaysian people are friendly and are generally, understanding when tourists make mistakes or if there is a misunderstanding.

Like any trip, you’ll get the most out of it by learning all you can before you arrive in Malaysia.

And that’s it for now! I’d love to know if this guide on Malaysia Travel Tips has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is any more to add.

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Malaysia Travel Tips For First Time Visitors
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