Grab has been in Thailand since 2013. In March 2018, Uber made an announcement that they would be transferring their services and operations in Thailand to Grab. And leaving Thailand completely. But is Grab expensive in Phuket?

Grab is expensive in Phuket, it is cheaper just to approach the taxi on the street as prices with drivers on Grab can be exorbitant, as well as the 150 baht booking fee on top of that. The problem with normal taxis is they will more than likely try to rip you off.

In this post, we will go through if Grab is expensive in Phuket. So let’s get started!

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Is Grab Available In Phuket?

Grab is the only taxi app that operates in Phuket. You also have the option of using Grab Car which is basically the same as Uber.

You can download the Grab app from the below links

Grab is legal in Thailand and operates in 16 provinces and 19 cities in Thailand. With plans to operate all over Thailand in the next couple of years.

The issue with Grab is that Grab does not require its drivers to have a license. Being an unlicensed driver is illegal in Thailand as well as paying for a ride from an unlicensed driver.

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Is Grab Expensive In Phuket?

Using Grab is expensive in Phuket. For starters, the booking fee for booking a Grab in Phuket increased from 50 baht to 150 baht in November 2018.

The cost per km is around 9 baht.

Grab sets a fixed fare at the time of booking which is a good thing. But Grab uses a demand-supply ratio of cars available in the area. If there are a lot of cars available then the prices will be cheaper but on the other hand if not it can get very expensive.

Can I Pay With Cash For Grab In Thailand?

You can pay with cash, there are a couple of ways you can pay for the Grab Taxi.

  • You can pay in cash.
  • Or can pay via GrabPay on the Grab app. You will need to fill in your debit or credit card information and verify the details.

Do You Tip Grab Drivers?

This is entirely up to you if you want to tip the driver or not. If you decide to tip the driver, the driver keeps 100% of the tip.

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What’s The Difference Between GrabCar And GrabTaxi?

The difference between GrabTaxi and GrabCar is that GrabTaxi is that you will get a local taxi and be charged by the meter. And GrabCar is you get a private car, not a taxi where the prices are fixed.

Why Is Grab In Thailand Charging Higher Fares Than A Taxi?

In general, the Taxi service in Thailand is terrible, a quick google search would tell you about all the problems people have with taxis in Thailand. This includes Thai people as well as foreigners to Thailand.

Grab may have a different policy from other taxis but Grab is in demand and people are prepared to pay extra for a hassle-free experience.

With Grab using the demand-supply ratio of cars available in the area, this drives up the price.

Can You Get A Grab From Phuket Airport?

Grab cars are not allowed to pick up passengers at Phuket airport.

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How To Get From Phuket Airport To Hotel?

You have several options for how to get from Phuket airport to your hotel. These are as follows.

  • Taxi.
  • Minibus.
  • Airport Limousines.
  • Phuket Smart Bus.
  • Local Bus/Airport Bus.


This is the most convenient way to get to your hotel, especially after a long flight. You will be able to get a taxi at the airport at any time of the day.

You can even book a taxi online in advance of your arrival in Phuket. When you arrive, you will meet the driver who will be holding a sign, with your name on it.

Also, there is a 100 baht airport tax that with be added to your fare.

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The minibus is a cheaper option than the taxi. At the airport, there are plenty of stalls in the arrivals area of the airport. The fare ranges from 150 to 250 baht.

In general, the minibus will take you from Phuket airport to your hotel in the following areas.

  • Patong.
  • Karon.
  • Surin.
  • Kata.
  • Bangtao.
  • Kamala.
  • Panwa.
  • Phuket Town.

Airport Limousine

You can book an airport limousine in the arrivals area of the airport. This sometimes can be a little bit more expensive than that of a taxi but at least you don’t need to 100 baht airport tax.

Airport limousines are cleaner and are more comfortable. And the driver will not try and sell you something like a tour.

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Phuket Smart Bus

There is a bus service called the smart bus. It is cheap but can be very slow especially a problem if you have a long flight. The fare ranges from 100 baht to 200 baht.

In general, the smart bus will take you from Phuket airport to your hotel in the following areas.

  • Patong.
  • Bangtao.
  • Karon.
  • Rawai.
  • Kata.
  • Bangtao.
  • Kamala.

Local Bus/Airport Bus

There is a local bus that only goes to Phuket Town. The downside is from there you may need to take a taxi to your hotel.

Wrapping Up

Finally, Grab in Phuket is expensive with a hefty booking fee of 150 baht. The local taxis are properly a little cheaper than Grab. But the problem with the local taxis is that they will try to rip you off. It is well known that taxis in Phuket are mafia-ran that set high prices and attack non-compliant drivers. And there is not much public transport available in Phuket.

And that’s it for now! I’d love to know if this guide on is Grab expensive in Phuket Thailand has helped you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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Is Grab Expensive in Phuket Thailand