Beginners Guide To AirBnB An Great Alternative to Hotel

Beginners Guide To AirBnB An Great Alternative To Hotel

Since AirBnB entered the market around 2008, it changed things for travellers. AirBnB provided a marketplace that allowed people who are known as hosts to rent out there own properties on a short-term basis. Now these properties range from apartments, townhouses, houses, hostel beds and hotel rooms. As for the traveller, they were no longer restricted to either hotel or hostel […]

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Airbnb Do and Don'ts

AirBnB Do’s and Don’ts

After using Airbnb for a few months now in Southeast Asia. I’ve learned a bit from using Airbnb and gained mostly good and some bad experiences. If you are planning a trip and you will be researching for a place to stay, there is a good chance you come across Airbnb, with over 2.3 million […]

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