How Safe Are Tuk Tuks in Thailand

Are Tuk Tuks Safe To Use in Thailand and What They Look Like

When you go to Thailand you wonder about the safely of the tuk tuks. You will see a lot of motorcycle rickshaws which are called tuk tuks. And also wonder what the tuk tuk looks like?

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Well, it is actually a kind of motorcycle rickshaws that uses three wheels and with a motorcycle engine.

Tuk tuks are a very popular transportation in Thailand particularly in Bangkok where the driver will take you anywhere you want.

How Safe Are Tuk Tuks in Thailand?

Anyway, are tuk tuks safe to use in Thailand? Let us find out all about the safety of tuk tuks.

The Design Of Tuk Tuks

First of all, we would like to see the design of tuk tuk itself that really looks like a motorbike which uses three wheels.

So, this tuk tuk is a bit larger than a conventional motorcycle.

Tuk tuk in Thailand
Tuk Tuk in Thailand

If it is seen from the design, the tuk tuk looks so attractive and unique. It is like Bajaj that is used in Indonesia and India but it does not use a door.

Next, when we see the colour, most of the tuk tuks are painted in a blue colour that makes it look more attractive.

However, this tuk tuk still uses a roof to protect from sunlight and rain. Meanwhile, the driver is sitting in front of passengers and he holds the handlebar to run the tuk tuk.

The Safety Of Tuk Tuks

Talking about the safety of the tuk tuk, you may not need to doubt it because the tuk tuk uses three tires. Two tires are put in the rear and one tire is put on the front side.

So, the driver does not need to deal with balance because basically, it feels like driving a car. Remember, the tuk tuk is as safe as its driver.

Moreover, the front side is also designed with transparent glass so that the driver can drive the tuk tuk safely.

The passengers and drivers do not need to worry about raining and sunlight exposure because it is also designed with a large roof.

Meanwhile, the seat for the passenger is also comfortable because most of the tuk tuks use comfortable memory foam seat material.

Tuk Tuks On The Road

How fast does a tuk tuk run? Well, tuk tuks are considered a popular and reasonably safe mode of transportation in Thailand. The existence of tuk tuk helps the locals to get around.

They just call a tuk tuk when they want to go to a traditional market. Not only that, tuk tuk is also faster than taxi because it can go through a narrow alley.

In addition, most of the locals choose a tuk tuk because this transportation is relatively cheap and affordable.

Wrapping Up

Finally, we can conclude that there is no problem with the safety of tuk tuk because tuk tuk is totally safe even when it is used in a high way. The tuk tuk is as safe as its driver but beware that some drivers are there to scam tourist and are armed.

It is a unique mode of public transportation in Thailand that offers reasonably safety and affordability.

And that’s it for now! I’d love if this post on are tuk tuks safe to use in Thailand was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know your experience of using a tuk tuk.

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How Safe Are Tuk Tuks in Thailand

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